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Monday, November 25, 2013

Hairbows or Bowties? Footballs or Pom-Poms?

"Sons are a heritage from The Lord, children a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one's youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them." Psalm 127:3-4.

Yes, our quiver will be on the way to being full. We are joyfully expecting two sweet little BOYS. 

Both Baby A and Baby B are very clearly boys! They are active and already picking on each other, even in the womb.

What a blessing these sweet, sweet boys are to their Daddy and I. He's so over-the-moon about having two little mini-mes, and I have to say -  I am too. Being that Justin is my favorite person in the world, I can't imagine anything better than two tiny little sidekicks hanging off his legs.

My boys - mommy can't wait to meet you (but I can wait a few more weeks, so don't get any ideas!).

A Long Overdue Update

Let me begin by saying if you make it to the end of this mini-book I just wrote, congrats.

Wow. I know it has been such a long time since I've updated. Almost 9 weeks, give or take.

A lot has happened in those nine weeks. 

First, I was just so sick during the beginning of the pregnancy. Honestly. I never really threw up, but I was nauseated all the time. Add to that unbelievable exhaustion and I could hardly function!

Then, around 16 weeks I turned a corner!

I finally felt human again. I wasn't sick, but starving :) I had a sudden burst of energy and we took advantage. Justin was super busy with football games, and we were gone a lot. We enjoyed the weekends and went out shopping, eating or to more football games when we could.

At 21 weeks we had our "big" ultrasound with maternal fetal medicine. We were both so, so excited! It was standard for our doctor to send multiple pregnancies to MFM for a Level II scan around this time. Not only were we excited to see our little peanuts, but to finally find out what they were.

We had big plans for the day. Justin took the entire day off as did I, and we planned to shop all afternoon for our little boys or girls. Plus, we were planning a big football themed gender reveal party the following weekend to announce the news to our families and friends!

The ultrasound started off great. We immediately saw the genders of our precious babies :) I thought Justin was going to crack his face from smiling so hard.

If anyone has had a Level II ultrasound, you know how long it is. They had to let me up between scanning Baby A and Baby B because I couldn't lay flat on my back that long. Soon, the tech was done and said she was getting the doctor (standard) to review the images and that they also wanted to check cervical length (again, standard - especially with twins).

The doctor came in and of course, I was a nervous wreck until he said the babies were both perfect and healthy. What a great praise! However, he said my cervix was measuring very short and also funneling, and that I would need to see my regular OB/GYN immediately.

Being our first pregnancy, neither Justin or I knew what was happening. The nurse told me to get dressed while she got a wheelchair and they would take me on upstairs to wait for my doctor to consult and decide what was next.

Again - we were still clueless! No one ever said, "Claire, we have to admit you straight to Labor/Delivery because you are going to need a procedure (or more) to keep your cervix closed." We had no clue until we got to the Labor/Delivery desk and they told Justin he had to go get me registered while I put on a gown.

Needless to say, the next minutes and hours were scary and stressful. I got changed and into a hospital bed while Justin went to admit me and call our parents. Neither of us knew what was going on or what was about to happen.

Justin made it back to my room and we settled in to wait. Finally my sweet nurse came in to find me in tears and explained as much as she could. Basically she thought I would be in the hospital for a few days and they were waiting for my OB to come examine me on her lunch break to decide what to do. 

My parents arrived shortly before my OB came in, and my doctor finally explained what was happening. Basically, they needed to examine me, start some fluids and antibiotics, run a few tests and decide/prepare to perform surgery to place a cerclage. She did a physical exam and tentatively planned to perform the surgery the next morning, depending on the results of the tests and another ultrasound. She did tell me I would be there a few days.

That being said, we live an hour from the hospital and were not planning on staying. Since my parents were there, Justin left to run home and get everything we would need. 

That evening was difficult. I was scared. We both were scared. All I wanted was someone to tell me my babies would be okay. Justin was such a sweetheart, and held me in the hospital bed while I cried and cried.

I was also terrified for the procedure. I've never been in the hospital until that point, and had never had a surgery and especially a spinal block..... I was freaked out.

That evening, we prayed together for both the babies and for our strength. For our doctor to make the right decision. Early Wednesday morning they took me to ultrasound and there was a slight change in my cervix. My doctor decided to wait and consult some other high-risk doctors, particularly those who dealt with multiple pregnancies. So my parents and Justin's, plus my sister and brother, ended up at the hospital waiting for a surgery that was canceled :) We decided that since the gender reveal was cancelled, we would just do it then. It was still a joyous moment telling them what the twins were.

Long story short, I had the cerclage placed successfully on Thursday morning. The procedure went well, and I did fantastic with the spinal. I had no issues and was up and walking within a couple of hours. Other than some bleeding and slight cramping afterwards, it wasn't too terrible.

So, where are we now? 24 weeks today and I have been on bedrest for three weeks tomorrow. The past two appointments show that my cervix has stretched somewhat and the cerclage is holding.

What do I need? Prayers. We need a lot of prayers. Today is a huge milestone, but these babies need to stay inside and develop much longer. Please pray, friends, that my cervix holds steady and that I don't have any pre-term labor issues. Please pray that I make it as far as possible at home on bedrest. We are taking this one day at a time. One week at a time. And I know with our God in control, we will make it.

He's never left my side. I know the reason I did so well in the surgery is because of Him. Justin prayed over me before I went back, and my doctor allowed him to stay in the room during the procedure. I felt so at peace the entire time. Even though I am scared, and the days are long, I know He will carry us through.

A few bump dates to catch up: 

16 weeks - feeling good.

17 weeks at my sweet cousin's football homecoming.

19 weeks - heading out for a date.

 23 weeks - heading to my weekly excursion to the doctor. My belly was measuring 29 WEEKS at that point!

Hopefully I will get back in the swing of things now. I do want to document this amazing experience.