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Friday, June 29, 2012

Love: A Condition

This little quote explains so much about me, I do believe.

Jay and I had a very serious and in-depth discussion about just this topic recently on a long drive to a business trip I had to make. (Side note: having a teacher spouse is awesome when you have to make long/boring business trips over the summer!)  (Side note redux: being on a business trip while on a diet that you are SERIOUS about is stressful!) (Side note to the side note: being in a car all day, hungry and tired, does not make for a happy Claire.)

I was feeling down and blue. A large majority of that likely stems from hormones. But whatever. We aren't allowed to say that. It's a rule. DO NOT blame my "feelings" on hormones! I need to be validated and that sure as hell doesn't do it.

Anyway. I get SO caught up sometimes in what everyone else wants, needs, feels. First and foremost, it is a big part of my job. So it is expected. But I also get so wound up in keeping everyone else happy that I forget about myself.

I was trying to explain it to him. How I loved him SO much that I felt responsible for his daily happiness. How, if he was having a bad or "off" day I felt solely responsible for it, even when it had nothing to do with me.

And I finally (after literally hours of talking) could verbalize what I was trying to point out. His happiness was MY happiness. And it clicked. Because my happiness is HIS happiness, too.

The thing is though, Jay is much better at compartmentalizing this than I am. While my happiness is essential to his own, he also realizes that my UNhappiness is not ALWAYS a reflection of him.

I can't do that as well. And I also tend to believe that the happiness of a majority of the people closest to me is essential to mine - which isn't true. I tend to blame myself when someone is hateful or spiteful. And don't get me wrong - I sometimes AM to blame. But not always.

And that is when he told me some very, very truthful statements. That I needed to hear. That I didn't want to hear. But were necessary in helping me to realize that if my happiness isn't essential to someone else's, then theirs should not be essential to mine.

I don't need to worry about what someone else thinks. All that matters is what my husband, GOD, and I think about my actions. That is it. And for whomever does not like it - too bad.

I can't rely on others being "happy" to be happy. I need to make my own happy. Frankly, I had a moment of clarity. I was allowing myself to become a victim. To have a victim mentality where I was convinced that every statement, gesture or simply just "being" was a personal attack on ME. Honestly - with most people, that is far from the truth. Because I am pretty sure they don't even CARE enough about me to make something that personal.

So yes. When you love so deeply, the happiness of the one you love so fiercely is essential to your own. BUT - that doesn't define you. People in your life, even your deep loves, are allowed to have bad days. Off days. Even unhappy days. But that does not mean it is a direct reflection on your love, relationship or you.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Small People


I've been struggling lately with people in my life who I feel enjoy making other feel small, belittled or insignificant. It really is an ugly feeling.

Maybe I wear my heart on my sleeve, but there comes a point where the "joking" isn't a joke anymore and it sure is not funny. Bitterness and jealousy are two of the ugliest emotions a person can have. Especially when that person picks one or two people in which to really cast those on.

Being the person that is picked sucks. I will never be able to change this, either. So I think the best way to handle the situation is through distance. Not all the time, but when I am really feeling that someone is doing their best to belittle me.

Being undermined, poked fun at and generally criticized can take a toll on someone's emotional health. Then, you add in the 'mama bear' in me - and I don't even have children! But someone decides to belittle or undermine the person/people I love most - and that is trouble. I will take it for a long time (obviously) but you start messing with my people, and I am DONE.

I especially have issues when someone makes it so obvious they are choosing who to undermine and belittle - and then so obviously chose another to use as their "shield" and excuse for doing so.  That, to me, is mean and spiteful. Despite what some may believe or chose to believe, I have a lot to offer sometimes. Just because I have yet to give you exactly what you have decided makes someone worthy or of value, doesn't mean I am NOT worthy and of value.

There is just no need to be so jealous, angry and bitter that the only way you can find your "happiness" is to make others be unhappy. Plain and simple. So I pray that I am never that person. I pray that I can always look past my struggles, insecurities and own jealousies and instead be the person that makes someone believe they are great.

I just see too much of this. Too many people surrounding themselves with others who make them feel small, ugly, unworthy. And I want to change this! So maybe I just need to start and look within myself. Don't get me wrong - I have a very awesome, EXTREMELY BLESSED, life. I am in awe of what Jesus is doing for me every. single. day. But I am also human - and I have moments where I just let others get the best of me. This is unhealthy behavior. So today, I am going to start changing that! Hopefully, if I start making a conscious effort to make others feel the greatness that they truly are, it will come back around!

Friday, June 22, 2012

SUYL: Dining Rooms

I am participating in Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life: Dining Rooms today!

Our "dining room" is connected to our galley kitchen. It isn't very large, but honestly it is perfectly sized for us.

Before we re-did the house, the dining room had HORRIBLE shag carpet, nasty wallpapered paneling, a ceiling fan, and this terrible half-wall thing with wooden spindles. It. was. terrible.

That being said - the dining room was one of our biggest transformations. We added a pantry on one side, which was much needed. Also, we completely knocked down the half-wall and had our contractor build a wall with an arched opening, and a large square entrance from the kitchen/dining room to the living room. We also put up a new light fixture, sheetrocked AND re-wired the entire room, and painted the walls a deep chocolate brown. Now - it is gorgeous!

SO here is the archway I am referring to. I just LOVE it. I think it adds so much architectural detail to the house. I wish I could find a picture from Christmas - I put a glittery swag over the top, and have a Christmas tree in the dining room so it is peeking out from the arch. Beautiful.

The connoisseur canvas was a clearance find at Target :) The green vase is an antique piece from Justin's grandma.

Here is a peek in from the living room. I don't know WHY my dirty socks were laying on the table. The table was a hand-me-down from my sister. SCORE! I love it. LOVE. I think she purchased it at a specialty furniture store when she lived in Florida.

Here is the view from the kitchen. The large antique buffet on the back wall belongs to Justin's grandma. It stores all of our china, napkins, placemats, and some serving pieces.

The red and tan shag rug again - was a Target find. Do you sense a theme?? Hahaha!

So there you have it. Our little dining room! I am pretty happy with it. It is so warm and inviting.

Monday, June 18, 2012


We actually had a really nice Father's Day weekend!

Friday evening, I received a text from my adorable nephew that said "Hey Baba, I have a swim meet tomorrow in XXX. Do you think it would be cool if we stayed with you this weekend after the meet?" Of course, we couldn't say no. I had to laugh - Sam & Ella planned the entire thing, and got my go-ahead, before even telling my sister. So Saturday afternoon, they came to stay with us. They LOVE being at our house or my parent's (Poppy & Coy) because they can run free. They don't have to ask permission to go outside OR eat whatever they want.

Sunday morning, we got up and I made them breakfast and got everyone ready for church. Ella needed her hair straightened and wanted make-up on. She's a hoot. We went on to church, then afterwards came back to the house for them to change clothes. Then we headed over to Poppy & Coy's house where my Dad proceeded to cook enough southern cuisine for an ARMY! Yum!! Miste & Clay came down to pick the kids up and stayed to eat and hang out. I think that is the first time in YEARS we had all been together with my Dad on Father's Day. He was very excited and also loved his new lawn & leaf blower/vacuum/mulcher combo.

I posted this on my Dad's Facebook last night:

I had to laugh. We have a running joke in our family that Zach is the favorite, especially of my Mom's.

 I also sent this one to Jay:

Again. Had to laugh. And it is so, so true. I absolutely cannot wait to see him as a father. He is wonderful with children. I love to watch him interact with our nieces and nephew. He can get on their level in a way that I just can't. Not that he's childish. But he just relates SO well without making it seem like he is treating them like a kid. It's amazing to see the pure love in his eyes when he is with all of them. I get teary-eyed watching him admire Sophie, especially when she does something that is such a "Poley" trait. You can almost see his chest swell with pride when she acts just like him or her Daddy - which, poor child, is often :) So I can only imagine how he will be with our children. I know our day will come, and he will be the BEST Daddy ever.

Oreo also got in on the Father's Day action. He picked his Dad out a card with two dogs on the front, and asked me to order him a two year subscription to Food Network Magazine. He's such a genius dog. And so loving and generous. I mean, spending his entire allowance on his Dad.......

My Dad was the hardest worker around when I was young. While he wasn't home much, I knew he was working to provide for us. He instilled such a strong work ethic in me. I knew that nothing came easy OR free - and I still pride myself on that today. He was such a wonderful, strong man and still is.

I am also very grateful to my father-in-law, who has always treated me like his own. Even before I officially joined the family, he referred to me as his "other baby girl." I have never doubted his love for me or Justin. He is such a wonderful Papa to Sophie, and my heart smiles to think about how much he will love our children, and how much they will love him.

To all the Dads out there: Thank You! Thank you for your hard work and sacrifice to make your families proud. To all those who are Dads in a different way - step-dads, Uncles or brothers who have taken on the role: I admire your compassion and love. To all the Fur-Dads: your pets thank you, too!

I am so blessed to be surrounded by many men in my life who will be wonderful role models, examples, and pillars of love to my future children.

Friday, June 15, 2012

SUYL: Bedrooms

Once again, I am participating in Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life. Today's focus is on bedrooms. We actually have three bedrooms in our home - the master and two guest. We originally planned to use one as an office, but when I moved from St. Louis out of my apartment we had an extra bed and decided to put it to use. That being said - we have plenty of room for overnight guests if anyone wants to come for a visit!!

Here is our master bedroom. We made our headboard ourselves. We don't actually have a "bedroom suit" of furniture. But that is okay! One day when we have a bigger home with more room, that will be at the top of our purchase list. For now, though, I love our room!

Our bedding came from Target. It is the Springmaid Chantal Collection. We picked up the fabric for the headboard at Hobby Lobby, and used a leftover piece of plywood to make the headboard.

Over the top of our bed is a framed wedding photo. Its done in a sepia tone, and looks SO old-world and romantic! I loooove it!  We also framed my garter and Justin's boutonniere and hung those above our bedside tables. That was Justin's idea. He's got way more decorating sense that I do!

This is looking into our bedroom from the door. I am so in love with the green curtains that I found on clearance at TJ Maxx. Seriously. They make the room pop with color without going overboard. That is why we choose to paint the walls a cream color - so that we could just brightly colored bedding and accents.

This is looking out of our bedroom. We put a vinyl quote over the door that says "Real love stories never have endings." The picture hanging on the wall was a wedding gift from my sister, and I am fairly certain it came from Hobby Lobby. The wicker trunk came from Target - I coveted it forever, and we used a gift card to purchase it! I put all of our extra blankets and bedding in it.

This is one of our guest rooms. I am so in love with the wall color with pops of white and black. All of the furniture and bedding came from my apartment in St. Louis.

This is looking in from the door. I am not a huge fan of the black shelving, but it does the job now and there was no need to purchase anything new! The painting on the wall was done by my lovely and talented husband!

This is a picture of the bed. The headboard came from Wal-Mart on clearance before I moved into my apartment for law school. The bedding came from Target - where else! It is part of the Simply Shabby Chic collection. I can't find it online, so I don't even know if they make this pattern anymore. So are the gauzy white curtains. You can't tell very well - this picture turned out dark. 

This is the view from the bed. Again, the desk was from my apartment in St. Louis. It came from Wal-Mart I think - on clearance! It turned out pretty, though.

Finally, our last guest room. The walls are painted a light tan with white trim. This is sort of a mis-match of furniture, but it works.

A view of the bed. This is an antique bed that came from Justin's grandma. It is gorgeous!! The bedding, I believe, came from Overtsock.com maybe? Although I swear I saw it recently in an LTD magazine! On the nightstand we have a picture of our niece, Sophie and a picture of us from our wedding, plus a lamp I brought from my apartment. This actually used to be the bed Justin used. It's a full size. And he's a tall guy. Needless to say, when I moved in, we both couldn't fit in the bed because if we did, he couldn't lay sideways and his feet hung off!

Looking in from the doorway.

Another view of the bed and closet.

I hope you have enjoyed our bedroom tour! It took us almost two years (Justin had this house before we were married) to get everything painted, finished and "complete" in the bedrooms. Now, I just have to work on keeping them this nice and tidy :)

Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

30 Things: Day 23

List your top 5 hobbies and why you love them.

This is hard for me! It didn't used to be - but once I started law school, and life became a roller coaster ride, I stopped having hobbies. I just didn't have much free time at all - and what time I did have, I didn't want to "do" anything.

Now, life has slowed down. Somewhat. So I have picked some hobbies back up. Some I actually participate in more than others - but they are all activities I really enjoy.

1) Reading

During law school, I think I maybe read a handful of books for pleasure. Even when I did have the time, I was SO tired of reading and thinking - I rarely did it. Now, I am slowly getting back into reading. I got a Nook a couple of years ago from my in-laws, and have just started really using it. While we were at the beach, I finished three books - and on our honeymoon, I read two or three.

I have a stack of "real" books too that I have been reading. There are some books (ie: the ones I just read on fertility & baby-making) that I want to have in actual print. I like to bookmark and fold pages and write and take them in the bathtub. It freaks me out to take a bath and read on the Nook - or get in the pool and float and read. I don't want to mess it up or get electrecuted.

Reading was my outlet for years. As a child, I read constantly. I read hundreds of books and completed so many series of books it was insane. I am hoping to rekindle that passion. 

2) Crafting

Again - I used to do this so much more. But every once in a while, I get the urge to make something. I am by no means an artist. But I like doing projects. It gives me a creative outlet. Hopefully I do more of this, especially as we have children.

3) Gardening/Yardwork

Especially in the spring and fall, I LOVE to be outside working in our yard. I love looking for flowers, picking the colors, arranging them just so. I think it is amazing to see the fruits of our work when our flowers are all in bloom and our yard looks so pretty! 

4) Napping

Hahaha. Seriously, though. I love me a good nap. There is nothing like a nice, refreshing mid-afternoon nap. Or a good lunchtime nap. Or the "I am too lazy to get up and go to bed so I fall asleep briefly on the couch" nap. Just what you need sometimes.

5) Working Out

This is new people. Very new. But, I have been actually working out at least four times a week for the past three weeks. <--- Like I said, new. But I also really enjoy going for walks with Justin and riding our bikes. Generally, just getting out and moving. My job is fairly sedentary. If I am not at court, I am sitting at my desk working on the computer. So I have started to somewhat enjoy - or at least make a priority, getting off my hiney and moving about!

Little Details

Guys. I am in such a funk. It's not pretty. I don't really know what to do about it, either. For one, I am SO stinking tired. I have been getting up at 6:00am and working out most mornings, and it is exhausting me! I thought working out was supposed to make you feel better. I am still waiting for that high to kick in. However, I am not giving in. I know that if I just keep making myself get up and go to the gym, I will eventually see results.

I think I need adult nap time. I try sometimes to take a nap on my lunch hour, but let's face it - I rarely get a true lunch hour when I can leave and not have a million other things that need to be done. Yesterday I had to run to the grocery store. The day before, I had to run to the Dollar Store. Add to that, I can never quite get out of work when I am supposed to, and I end up running out of time because I have an appointment/court scheduled.

In other news, this past weekend I was invited for the first time to my husband's family annual "girls weekend." Twelve of us drove up to Alton, IL for a haunted ghost tour. Unfortunately, no ghosts showed up so it was really a 4 hour bus ride around the town. But whatevs. We went to a bar & grill afterwards, and everyone got a little tipsy. Let me just say, I never realized how funny some of my in-law family was. I think I almost peed myself laughing more than once.

We also stopped (going there and coming home) at a little town called Kimmswick. I am officially obsessed. We ate at the Blue Owl, which has the most amazing array of dessert ever, on Saturday. On Sunday, we had more time to look around the little shops. I snagged FOUR new garden flags (my new obsession) and some other random trinkets. We ate lunch Sunday at The Dough Depot, which had the best pretzel rolls I have ever tasted.

It was such a fun & funny weekend. I have not laughed that hard in a very long time! I can't wait for the next trip, although I vote that we don't ghost hunt on a Greyhound bus. I think the ghosts figured out we were coming. Ha!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Who Makes You Happy?

 I feel like I spend most of my days worried about what every one else thinks of me. I have to deal with my peers, and being a "newbie" attorney - this can be pretty stressful. I am always on edge. Worried about whether I sound like I have ANY sense or whether I sound like a complete jackass.

I worry that people in my life, who I should have an easy relationship with - a good, pleasant, loving relationship - with, don't like me as much as they like others. That I don't do enough. And even when I do go above and beyond, they look at me and say "oh, well, she should have/could have done more."

Unless I am with Justin (and even then I still worry about not falling into the "we have been together forever/newlywed bliss is wearing off rut), I am trying to impress. And people, this just gets exhausting.

I want to spend my days with people who love me for me. Who don't feel the need to berate me, hang up on me, whisper behind my back. Who actually appreciate my strengths, not who say they do to get something out of it - but in actuality, just use my strengths until I am bled dry.

So maybe it's coming. A change. One where I say, "hey, I am not here to impress you - don't like me, move on."  But, let's be honest - it's doubtful.

Until then, I shall focus on those who DO make me happy. My husband, who is my rock, my constant source of inspiration, and the one who I share so many inside jokes, laughs and smiles with. My parents, who love me so much. My nieces and nephews, who can look at me, smile or tell me they love me, and I melt. My sweet, precious Oreo who hides under the kitchen table when it storms, but knows just when to jump in my lap when I am sad. My wonderful friends and extended family, brother and sister (and in-laws) who know just when I need a little boost.

They all make me very, very happy.

Friday, June 8, 2012

SUYL: Kitchens

Once again, I am joining in from Kelly's Korner SUYL. Today's focus is kitchens.

The room I hate the MOST about our house is the kitchen. It's a tiny little galley kitchen and there is no room. None. Zilch. In fact, we bought shelving systems at Target to put in our laundry room to hold a majority of the kitchen appliances, platters, serving pieces, ect that we don't use on a daily basis because there is NO storage.

When we remodeled, we did build a pantry and put in a dishwasher. That is all we did to the kitchen. I hate the cabinets and the counter-tops, but the money had to stop somewhere! We knew that what it would cost to update the kitchen was not a return we would get on this particular house. However, we do have all new appliances - which was necessary. The stove only had one working burner before.

This is the view of the kitchen looking from the dining area. We painted the walls a deep chocolate brown, replaced all the appliances, replaced the sheetrock, and replaced the flooring.

On the left, we added a pantry because there was NO storage. None. At all.

I do love the colors and warmth of the kitchen. I would LOVE to refinish the cabinets in a cream color, and put new counter-tops in. But it doesn't make sense if we are going to sell.

The stove was a gift from my wonderful parents. The fridge we bought new off someone whose home was foreclosing.

We got these piece of pottery for wedding gifts. I have them displayed on top of the bakers rack in the kitchen. I looooooove the bright, festive colors. In our next home, I want to be able to display lots of beautiful pottery and serving pieces on top of cabinets!

My favorite coffee mugs we got as wedding gifts. I display them on the baker's rack. They are so 1970s!

My "baking corner" with my kitchen aid (a graduation gift LOL), cookie jar and baking utensils.

So, there you have it. Our kitchen. There are lots of things I love, but they are the decorations and touches we added ourselves. I can't wait to have a kitchen where we BOTH can be in it at the same time! Ha!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

30 Things... Day 22 - The Future

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

Let me start by saying - I don't really make "plans" that far into the future anymore. Life has taught me that they never pan out anyway! So I have goals and ambitions, but I am under no false sense of security that everything will turn out just the way I want it. Sometimes, God has better plans that you can't even fathom.

5 Year Plan

In five years, I hope to be more comfortable and established in my career. I hope that I can go home at night and not be convinced that I will lose my bar license at any moment. I would like to have more confidence in the courtroom and be more assertive with my clients and peers.

In five years, I hope, more than anything, to be a mom. Of many. At least three. I don't know that this will happen. But it's my hope.

In five years, I hope to be more in love with my husband. I hope to stop worrying about the little things and realize God is always, always in control. I hope that we have a little family that we are building together. 

10 Year Plan

In ten years, I hope to be in a different path career wise. I hope to be established on my own, or headed that way. 

In ten years, I hope to have a houseful of children ranging from pre-teen to toddler/baby running around like crazy. I hope that my husband and I are wonderful, Godly examples of love, humility and patience to our children and family.

I hope to be in a home that we love, that has enough privacy yet feels warm and cozy. I hope to no longer have student loans to pay every month! 

15 Year Plan

In fifteen years, I hope to be settled. Content. Happy. I hope that I have found my niche in the world. I hope that I have given back. I hope my children look up to me, value me, respect me.

In fifteen years, I will look at my husband and say "wow, and I thought I loved you then!"

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had a fairly nice and relaxing weekend, I must say. Saturday morning, we got up bright and early to be in Cape by 9:00am for a massage. This is "our" thing. We schedule a couples massage about once a month (give or take) and I have budgted it in to our finances. It is worth every single penny. We look forward to it. It gives us a chance to relax and take some needed time away together. I highly recommend it to couples! I hope we can continue it even when we have little ones to worry about.

After our massages, we walked downtown because there was a Farmer's Market going on. We didn't buy anything, but enjoyed walked through the booths. If you live in Cape, I would definitely encourage you to get up early one Saturday morning and hit up the market! Looked like there were lots of neat options, especially if you were there earlier. We also had to stop by the mall and Target (of course) and grab some lunch before heading back home.

Saturday evening, we drove to Holcomb and met our newly wed friends Kelly & Taylor at Strawberry's. It was such an enjoyable and fun evening to catch up with them!

Sunday morning, we got up and went to church. I love our little church. It is so warm and friendly. It just feels like home. However, Sunday for some reason - everything just was weighing on me and I started crying and couldn't stop! Usually we stick around and chat after church (both our parents/families attend), but I looked and Justin and said "I need to get out of here - quick!" Thankfully he didn't ask any questions and we made a beeline for the door. I just could not speak without boo-hooing! Once we got in the car and headed home, the crying stopped as quickly as it had started. I am not sure what was going on, but the waterworks needed out, I guess.

Sunday evening we had the absolute pleasure of keeping our darling niece, Sophie! Her mom had to be at a very early appointment on Monday morning, so she stayed the night with us. Since Justin is a teacher and has the summer off, he kept Sophie during the day :) He did have to go to football practice for a little while, so Sophie came up to my office and hung out before I took my lunch.

She had a very good time, dumping her cheerios out on my rug, coloring, and watching "Bu Cu" (Blue's Clues) at my desk!

Justin kept her the rest of the afternoon, and they swam in the little kiddie pool we bought. Well, Sophie swam, Justin watched. When I got home she was having a BLAST and did not want to get out. Until we told her she could go see her Momma - then she was ready to put on dry clothes and get in the car.

We are so blessed to have two beautiful nieces and a very handsome nephew in our life to spoil and love. It sure does help make my heart smile, even when I feel like crying!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Superpowers... 30 Things: Day 21

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it first?

I just had to google "super powers" to even find a list of potential candidates for this. I am a loser. 

Welp. If you would have asked me this about two years ago, I would have said fly. That is because I was three hours away from the love of my life, stuck in a miserable place called law school. And I would have given ANYTHING to have just been able to magically fly my miserable self back and forth anytime I wanted to see him.

Now, I am not sure. Maybe still flying. Sometimes I also want to be a "fly on a wall" so I can hear and see all the things that I would find so interesting about other people. That folks, is the true sign of just how nosy I am! I also think it would be fun to see the future. But on the other hand, that would get tiresome fast. Because then, there would be no suprises in life.

I can do without superhuman strength and the ability to throw fire darts from my hands. I don't need stellar night vision, but I would appreciate some good eyesight!

 I think telekinesis would be awesome! Manipulate things with my mind. Oh yeah. And also, the ability to heal others. How sweet would that be?


I don't know what I would do with my superpower first, honestly. I guess it would just depend on my mood and the situation. If I had the ability to heal others, though - there is a whole list of people who I would gladly lend that power to!

Friday, June 1, 2012

SUYL: Living Rooms

If you are visiting from Kelly's Korner Show Us You Life: Living Room link-up (dang, that's a mouthful!) welcome :)

Since Justin and I are attempting to sell our home, I actually recently took some photos of our living room while it was very neat and tidy.

This is the view of our living room from our hallway. This looks REMARKABLY different than when we bought the house. No more GLITTER popcorn ceilings! No more horribly bland off-white walls. No more GREEN shag carpet! I love our wall colors. It reminds me of spiced pumpkin! It is a little darker and less orange in person. But with the touches of blues, reds, and blacks - it is great :)

This is the view from our kitchen/dining area. I love our black furniture. The entertainment center is three seperate pieces that we saved and saved and bought one piece at a time. This was before we got married and before I was employed! It was totally worth it. And of all places, came from Wal-Mart!

This is a shot of our couches, which again - we saved and saved for and purchased the year before we married. I love my big, plush, red fluffy couches. They just beg you to lay down on them. FYI - to future home buyers, husband not included :) I also love our new side tables, which were a recent purchase. The black/blue lamps came from Hobby Lobby, as did the metal flowers above the couch.

Our living room, for us, is homey. Warm and inviting. I feel like it just looks like a place you can walk in, fall on the couch, snuggle up and stay for awhile. Which is exactly the feel I was going for.