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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday.... On Waiting

Ahh, yes. I really need to take this to heart. It's our human nature to want, want, want RIGHT NOW. I know that. But I am really trying to change the way I pray, so that while I express my wants, needs and desires to God - I also lay them at His feet, and say "I will wait, God. I am happy and content where You have me. I will bloom where I am planted until You decide otherwise."

It is a struggle. There are a handful of "big" issues that we have been praying for as a family. But, I have faith, and I believe - our time is coming. I just need to trust God when His answer is "not right now, my child - but soon" instead of "here ya go."

What a happier world we would all live in, if we just had patience for what we believe will happen.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday... Faith

I am really struggling with this. I have to be honest here. Like, really REALLY struggling. I don't want to be a debbie downer. But I guess sometimes, these things just happen.

While I am very happy in my life, there are a few different areas that I keep wanting to move forward. Just human nature to always push ahead... Then I get caught up in life. While I know I shouldn't compare myself to others, sometimes it's impossible not to.

I have heard more than my fair of stories lately of people getting pregnant on accident, or being devastated to be pregnant even when they are in a happy, committed relationship. Then I get mad. I want to say it is bullcrap and not fair. Why is it SO easy for some and not for others? It makes no sense to me.

Or, I say outwardly that I know our house will sell when it's the right timing. When it is in His plan. Yet, when we don't get a phone call back after a showing - I am so frustrated and disappointed. I mean, I woke up last night in a panic convinced someone was trying to burgle me. Pretty sure that wasn't happening, but I need to be somewhere where I feel at peace.....

But then I say, I have FAITH. I believe that God will bless us when it is our turn. I say it. I truly believe it. I just want it when I want it. That is not how God works. I know He is teaching me patience. He truly is. Because patience is not something I have ever been too great at.

I can't really explain it. I look around at the world and see all of the people out there who look like whatever they want is handed to them, no questions ask. Then I think about how I bust my hind-end and so does my husband. We get up and go to work every day. Have worked our entire lives. Try to live by God's word and do His will.

I guess, though, I just need to remember this. Because my faith isn't going to change whether what I want happens NOW or two days from now or two months from now. My God is always there.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tales of a Football Wife

Jay is coaching again this year, and I think I forgot how crazy it can get! Last week, he had practice, games, CPR training, practice, games.... This week he has a game every single day except Wednesday. Yes, you read that right. Even Saturday there is an afternoon game.

Needless to say, he is fairly exhausted. I feel bad for him - he literally comes home, jumps in the shower, eats dinner, and goes straight to bed. Thankfully, he really enjoys it.

So, I volunteered to make sure all his football players are fed before/after each game, depending on if it is home or away and whether they get to go home after school or not. Today, their game starts at 5:00 (Jr High always seems to start a little early), so I am going to make sure they have a snack to eat after school.

I enjoy being the wife of a coach most of the time, although I do miss my husband, for sure. But, these are the times we will look back on and have great memories.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

1st Anniversary Celebrations

Justin and I celebrated our ONE YEAR wedding anniversary on Monday, September 3rd. I cannot even begin to believe that it has been a year. We had a wonderful, wonderful weekend celebrating together.

But before I talk about that, I just have to say - you always hear that your first year of marriage is the hardest. Well, if that is the "hardest" it will ever be for us, then we are golden :) Yes, there were, and still are periods of adjustment. No matter how long you have been with someone OR how much you love them, living with them 24/7 has its own sets of challenges. But, we have come out at the end of this year stronger than ever.

On Monday, I kept thinking back. I remember our wedding day like it was yesterday. All the excitement and nervousness. Giddiness. Pure J-O-Y.

I remember waiting with my Dad to walk down the aisle, watching him fight back tears. How excited I was.

Taking the hand of Justin, praying together and FINALLY walking down the aisle as husband and wife.

I thought my heart would jump out of my chest!

My thoughts haven't changed either. Even after a year, I am excited to see him after a day of work. I still get butterflies when I know he is on his way home, or vice versa. I HATE being away from him, for any length of time. Yep, we are still "honeymooning" and I hope it never, ever changes.

That being said, this weekend was a wonderful reminder of how blessed we are.

We booked a room for Saturday night at the Westin St. Louis because my generous parents bought us tickets to see the Lion King at the Fox Theatre.

Our 'heavenly bed' at the Westin.

Yes, we broke into the mini bar :)

I need this shower at home, please.

And this bathtub. And entire bathroom.

Before heading to the Fox.

Fox Theatre

The Lion King was absolutely amazing. I teared up a little from pure joy! I was amazed at the animals! We had such a fun time. Then we went to Jack-in-the-Box afterwards. Haha! I know that for most that sounds awful. But - St. Louis is our closest one. And seriously, there is nothing better than greasy fried food at midnight :)

Sunday we got up and went to the West County Mall & Galleria, then to Trader Joes. We slept in pretty late and ate breakfast at the hotel, then got ready and headed out. It was fun to be back around my old stomping grounds. Sunday night, we ended up going down to Laclede's Landing and eating at the Old Spaghetti Factory. I don't know that I would eat there often, but it was fun for a once in a while meal.

Before heading out to eat.

YUMMY Olive Tapenade!
Monday, we got to go to the St. Louis Cards game!! My sweet, awesome little brother SURPRISED us with tickets FIVE rows from the first base field line. It was so fun!! The game was great and the weather was perfect baseball weather.

Our view.

Finally, we headed home Monday evening to celebrate with cake and champagne :) We had a mini-wedding cake made for our anniversary and decided to just have that for supper. Worked for me!

Broke out the fine china!

I must say, don't know how we will top our first anniversary, but I am sure we will figure out a way!

PS - To reminisce about our wedding with me, go here, here, here , here, here, here!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012