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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Watch A&B Grow: 6 Months

Oh my goodness, suddenly it's like my babies have decided to grow up! I always heard that the 6-month mark was magical with twins, and in some ways it is.

We have a pretty good eating/sleeping routine going on now, and it's so much easier to plan a day. It's not nearly as overwhelming to take them out and about, even if we are gone for a long period of time. They are great about napping wherever we are, and we've got a handle on feeding wherever we may be. That being said, I LOVE having a mini-van. It makes a huge difference in being comfortable on the go, especially with two!

Both boys have been sick for about two weeks. In fact, we couldn't get their 6-month shots at their check-up because they had been running fever and throwing up! Thankfully we seem to be on the upside. 

The pediatrician was very impressed developmentally as to how the boys are doing. You would never know they were over three weeks early! They both are the happiest, most pleasent babies.


You are my big boy! Weighing in at 16lbs 12oz and 26 1/4in long, you are built like a little line backer. You laugh all the time and have figured out that your feet and hands are awesome toys. You roll from tummy to back ALL THE TIME but pretty much refuse to roll from back to tummy. You can, but you'd rather not. You are starting to bear weight on those little legs and love your exersaucer. You play with toys and grab anything you can get your hands on. No teeth yet but it has to happen soon, because you are drooling like crazy. You love to eat. Breakfast is your favorite. I've yet to find anything you refuse! Oh, you figured out that if you hold your own bottle, you don't have to wait for brother! 


You are such a mess! Boy, do you have a temper. But you laugh and smile all the time! Weighing in a little less than brother, you are 16lbs 1oz and 26 1/2in long. You roll around all over the place and are trying to raise up on your hands and knees. You now immediately roll to your belly to sleep - that is, when you do sleep. You are definitely not my sleeper. You love to stand and play in your exersaucer and despise laying down. You love breakfast but prefer savory over sweet. I think your teeth are coming soon. You are my snuggle buddy and love being cuddled up on the couch. I know that I can get you to sleep by putting your nose to mine and laying next to you. You will be running before walking if I had to guess!

I love you both, sweet boys!