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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Picture Dump

iPhone picture dump to catch up!!
Our first Easter!!

My first Mother's Day.

My sweet Sam's 8th grade graduation.

Sitting in our bumbos.

Our first swim. Not really that impressed.

Ready to take a walk.

Poppin' that collar!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Watch A & B Grow: Month 3

I cannot even begin to believe you two perfect little boys have been on this Earth for three entire months (well - over three months, because Mom is a little slow at writing these updates)!

This month has been SO FUN. It is like overnight you woke up and suddenly have little personalities and interact and know what is going on around you.

Both of you have your first real sickness as I type this. A few days ago, Daddy called me at work and said you were both acting fussy, particularly Archer. By the next evening, Archer threw up and you were both gagging from all of the mucus draining down your throat. It was a long night, as neither of you wanted to sleep and were just pitiful. After a trip to the pediatrician, you were diagnosed with your first cold/sinus infection and given antibiotics. There just isn't a lot they can do for a three month old. Despite the moments of fussiness and even screaming (we think the antibiotic now hurts your little tummies), you are still the happiest babies! Even after throwing up, you will look up and smile these huge grins, as if to say "It's okay Mom and Dad. I feel so much better now!"

Beckett, you have suddenly turned into a talking machine! You coo and babble all the time. And oh, that smile - it can melt Mommy's heart. You went from being so serious and pensive, to always smiling and downright nosey. I am here to tell you, those eyes are wide open all. of. the. time. You are terrified you will miss something. You also LOVE the television. Mommy and Daddy aren't too thrilled about that, because we try to limit "screen time." But sometimes we have to mute the TV when you are taking a bottle because you will strain and move until you can see what is going on and forget to eat. You still aren't the best sleeper, waking at least once, if not more, times during the night to fuss around. However, Daddy has gotten you on a great schedule and you take a good afternoon nap in your crib. We also started swaddling you with your arms out, and you are doing a great job and seem much more content. Those big blue eyes and long eyelashes are gorgeous, and your hair is coming in so thick and dark! You will be a heart breaker for sure. You are in all 0-3 month clothing, and Mommy just switched out your pajamas to 3-6 because they were all too short for you. At the doctor's appointment you weighed 12lbs 7oz and were 23 3/4in long - almost a two footer. We love you, Mouse, more than you know.

Archer, you giggle constantly. You laugh out loud and it is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. You even laugh in your sleep, which is precious. You talk to Mommy and Daddy all the time, and mimic some of our sounds. You are a little more laid back than your brother and while still nosey, not quite as much as him. While you still like to sleep much more so than Beckett, you get really excited when it is time to play. You will kick those little legs and move those arms like no other. When music plays, we swear you will nod your head and pat your hand to the beat. Especially in your car seat. You are a great sleeper, and LOVE being unswaddled. When we put you down at night, you may grunt and root for a while, but once you are out you are out for the count. Most nights you sleep straight through for about 10 hours. You love to eat, and take a bottle in a flash. You rolled over once from your tummy to your back. We think it may have been an accident because you were having a fit and flung yourself over, but it counts! You have started to (finally) lose some of your newborn hair, and have a ring of baldness around the entire middle of your head. It is hilarious and we can't figure out how it happened. You have huge, crystal clear blue eyes and long eyelashes too. You will be a handsome man, no doubt. You are growing like a weed, and fill out your 0-3 month clothes no problem. In fact, I think you will be wearing some 3-6 soon. At the doctor's appointment you weighed 12lbs 13oz and were 23in long. We love you, Goose, to the moon and back!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Watch A & B Grow: 2 Months

Well, here I am writing their 2 month post at 3 months. No one could have warned me with how hectic life with twins is!

The boys are growing so super fast. I love it and hate it all at once. Watching them develop into little humans is amazing, but my tiny babies have disappeared. Both of you have moved into your 0-3 month clothing. It is a little big, but your newborn outfits were getting a little tight and definitely too short! We also moved you up to Size 1 diapers. They looked SO HUGE compared to the tiny little newborn diapers, but you fill them out quite nicely.

Archer, you are growing so fast little man. At your two month check-up, you passed brother up by just a few ounces. You did great with your shots and only cried for a few minutes. It broke Momma's heart. Thankfully your Coy went with us since Daddy had to work, and she cuddled you too. You ran a low grade temperature for the night afterwards, but a little dose of Tylenol made you all better. You are my good eater, taking down at least 6oz, sometimes more, at each feeding. Right now I'm still pumping, and you get about about 70% breast milk and 30% formula. You have weaned yourself from one night feeding, eating once in the night. It's amazing what 4-5 consecutive hours of sleep will do for a Momma & Daddy. You are a happy little guy, smiling and laughing and talking all the time. You are a good sleeper for the most part. You are a joy and delight in our lives. We love you Goose!

Beckett, you are the most serious little man. Your facial expressions crack us up. You are very pensive and studious, and take everything in. You are definitely more wakeful than your brother and don't care for sleep as much. We think you have your Momma's temperament. You did great at your two month check-up and screamed briefly when you got shots, and then you were over it after a snuggle from Momma. You are our little cuddle bug and love being held close, burying your face in the crook of our arm. You are starting to get attached to your "lovey," a little monkey Daddy picked you out for Easter. You aren't as big of an eater as brother, and also weaned yourself from one night feeding. However, you tend to wake more during the night to fuss briefly. You are our little old man, and fill our hearts with great happiness. We love you, Mouse!

On the Night You Were a Born

I don't remember a lot about the delivery. I was so sick from the magnesium I couldn't stay awake much. I remember being rolled into the operating room and the Neonatoligist stopping me and promising my babies would be taken care of. I remember panicking thinking I could feel everything and that I wasn't breathing (although I was fine).

I do remember, however, hearing my doctor say here comes A and the sweetest, most perfect little scream echoing throughout the room and someone saying to Justin, "Here he is Dad! Get pictures!" Only to be followed exactly one minute later by B's sweet, perfect little yelp and cries!

Welcome to the world, Archer!

Welcome to the world, Beckett!

Justin went to check on the babies as their two teams of doctors looked them over while I was finishing up. Once the babies were given the okay, they were wrapped up and brought over to me to see. I was so delirious but remember just staring at those sweet faces and feeling so relieved that they were finally here. Justin held them both for a few minutes while they finished sewing me up, and then they moved me to my regular hospital bed, placed one baby in each arm, and rolled me to my room.

Meeting Beckett.

Hi, Daddy!

Archer Robertson arrived at 12:18am Saturday, February 22 weighing 5lbs 13oz and 19 1/2 inches long followed by Beckett Tinsley at 12:19am weighing 6lbs 1oz and 19 1/2 inches long. We had our parents come in first for a few minutes to meet the boys, then the rest of our family. Those were some of the most precious moments, seeing our sweet babies being loved by so many people.

Beckett and Coy.

Coy, Poppy and Archer.

Daddy, Nana and Beckett.

PawPaw and Daddy.

Our little Beckett Boy.

Sweet baby Archer.

Archer and Beckett, the moments you entered the world will forever be stamped into your Daddy and my's hearts. We waited and prayed for so long to meet you, and it was worth every scary moment, every painful time, all the bedrest and hospital stays, and long tedious labor. I would do it again in a second to have you both here with me.