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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Wedding.... Before the First Look

So, starting the morning of the big day!

I met my bridesmaids, flowergirls, and Justin's mom Amanda and aunt Amy in Sikeston at the beauty salon in Sikeston. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of that, because I FORGOT MY CAMERA! Of course! But hey, if that is all that went wrong.... We had a good morning full of smiles and laughter. My wonderful sister and Matron of Honor Miste brought a huge bagel tray along with orange juice and champagne. So we all ate and chatted while everyone got their hair done. After I was done, we all headed over to the church. On the way, Sarah (my maid of honor) and I stopped by McDonalds. Nothing like a cheeseburger happy meal on your wedding day!

At the church, I think it finally hit me what was happening. I was suddenly so nauseated. All I wanted to do was talk to Justin. We kept texting back and forth, but I knew my nerves would not calm down until I saw him. Face to face. In the meantime, he and his guys started the picture process.

Justin's Mom Amanda, pinning on his bout.

Justin and his Dad, Darryl

Justin and Dustin - Identical Twins!

Justin with his entire group... Handsome guys!

After the photoshoot with the guys, the photographer came to snap a few pictures of me getting ready. These are some of my favorite memories. Nothing amounts to the excitement of putting on the wedding gown and veil. I was so blessed to have both my Mom and Justin's Mom, my sister and my closest and best friends with me to help.

My sweet niece, Ella, helping with my shoes!
Putting in my earrings.

Macey, Justin's sister, helping with the garter.

My closest family members attaching the train.

Wearing my Mom's veil!
All together now.

After these shots, we headed outside to get some pictures of me and the girls. We had a fun time and I may be biased, but I think I had the MOST gorgeous wedding party ever!

My Maid of Honor Sarah and I

My sister and Matron of Honor Miste and I

Gorgeous Group!

We then moved inside to get freshened up (it was HOT outside) and I grew more and more excited for my "first look" at Justin....

Until Next Time,


**all professional images provided by Tyson Zahner Photography ***

Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Wedding... Before We Said "I Do"

I have been wanting to blog about our wedding for a while now. I want to remember all the details. Although it has been almost FIVE months, I still remember it like it was yesterday. I swear, it was the most magical day. The Friday before the wedding, Justin took off school and I hadn't even started working yet. I got up early and met my Mom, Amanda (Justin's mom), and some sweet, hard-working friends over at the reception site to start the decorating. On the way there, I just remember everything hitting me all at once. I sobbed the entire 30 minute drive. I was SO overwhelmed with the fact that the day we had been waiting for, almost THREE years in the making, was here! I remember thanking God over and over that He had healed Justin and we were finally at this point. When I walked into the reception site, my poor Mom thought something terrible was wrong because I couldn't stop crying. I finally got it out that I was just so happy the tears of joy were overflowing!!! Later that morning, a group of my Mom's best friends hosted a Bridesmaids Luncheon. It was so perfect and everything I could have imagined.
My mom and three of the hostesses.
Me and my BFF/Maid of Honor Sarah
My best friend from birth and her Momma
Listening to "The Kissing Hand" - my Mom had it read and gave it to me.
Two of my favorite "other moms"
It was a beautiful morning filled with all the most special women in my life. My bridesmaids, Mom and Amanda, and all the women in our immediate families. That evening, we had a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It was just all so exciting. I remember practicing the walk down the aisle with my Daddy, and knowing that less than 24hours later it would be real. There really are no words to describe how amazing that is. The rehearsal was crazy at times, but our great wedding planners kept it moving smoothly. After practicing, we all came from the church to a little venue at home, where Amanda and Darryl (Justin's parents) had a delicious meal catered by the same company that catered our reception. I didn't get a lot of pictures, but here are a few.

Family chatting.

Some of my favorite people.

Mom (Coy) with my adorable nephew, Sam.
The day before was definitely packed with action. But it was also filled with family and friends. It really couldn't have been better!

Stay tuned for more on the big day :)

Until next time,


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Something to Smile About

I'm blogging from the iPad. I really have meant to keep up with this but it's been a crazy busy week to just be Wednesday. I have worked late everyday. I'm exhausted! Maybe I should be called the Divorceinator. I did five divorces and a contested custody hearing yesterday. If you have never had the pleasure (ha) of witnessing or participating in that type of court believe me when I say that's a long morning. To top it off, my boss and supervisor and a consultant from one of our major partners (doing a site visit all the way from New York City) were in the audience. The consultant had never been in court. And it was a hopping morning. But last night since Jay went over to his brothers house I went to hang out with my sis-in-law and friend. They made me laugh. Today I also had court, but thankfully it was a simple continuance hearing. When I returned there was someone waiting for legal and CB (my advocate and the one who makes sure my skirt is never tucked into my pantyhose) and I had to handle that. Which means we didn't eat lunch until 3:30 and no it was not healthy. I'm already falling off the wagon. But I digress.... Anywho my boss kept poking her head in the door saying she needed to look around. Finally my door opened and someone said I had a delivery. In comes 6 roses, and angel and a sweet plaque with a verse. A client sent me a thank you for finally being the one to listen to her story. She had been calling to see if it was delivered because she was so excited to hear my reaction, which is why my boss kept looking in. I cried. I have been struggling with whether I'm making a difference, and this was such a huge reminder - worth more than all the money in thw world. Our God is awesome, working on me through people when I least expect it. Today was one to smile about. Because in the end I came home to my wonderful hubs and sweet doggie, knowing I helped someone.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Last week was a terribly crappy week, work-wise. I am struggling to maintain my professionalism in the face of douche-baggery, honestly. I am "this close" to stomping my feet and screaming "I TOOK THE SAME FREAKING BAR YOU DID. AND I PASSED. WITH FLYING COLORS. AAAAAAAND I PASSED LAW SCHOOL. JUST LIKE YOU. ACTUALLY, I HAVE MY MASTERS DEGREE AS WELL. SO KISS OFF." But I am pretty sure that will tank what small reputation I am building. Definitely living in a man's world here. I have never, EVER been the type of woman who blamed their struggles on being a woman. But geeze louise, working in southeast Missouri is like stepping backwards in time about 50 years. I was supposed to head to St. Louis for a Relay For Life convention Friday after work. But after the week I had, I was physically ill. I had a terrible migraine that just would not go away. So the thought of driving three hours was just not working with me. Instead, I went home and complained to my husband. Then we went and got groceries. Which, actually, is relaxing for me. We are dorks, but we love grocery shopping together. I woke up Saturday morning with a headache. Again. I got up around 8:00am to pee, and knew it was going to be a nagging headache. So I went back to bed, thinking maybe I was just exhausted and needed more sleep. Woke back up around 10:00am and got up for good. I quickly realized I needed to break out the prescription meds. So I took one, and Jay and I headed over to help his mom and aunt move offices. I did sweep the floors, but other than that I think I was more moral support. :) I think it was still appreciated, though! Saturday evening we decided to head up to Cape so I could (finally) get my diploma (not sure what else to call it??) from the MO Supreme Court framed, announcing to all who enter my office that yes, Claire Elizabeth Poley is certified as an Attorney and Counselor at Law. Maybe I need to keep a picture on my cell phone and show it to all my colleagues who seem to think otherwise? I love Hobby Lobby, or as I like to say, HobLob. We wondered around and checked out all of their goodies before heading to Olive Garden. Where I enjoyed a large glass of wine. Because I could. Followed it up by TARGET, close to the most wonderful place in the world. Hot date, right? Sometimes that is just what we need, though! Sunday we went to church. Last week we missed because we both felt under the weather, and it felt like our day was just empty. So I was glad to be back. Gave me a refreshed outlook and hopefully will encourage me as I move through this week. Which has great potential to make last week look like unicorns and rainbows. That is pretty much all I've got. Except I decided to start counting calories again today. I really need to get in check. So far today, so good. Hope it lasts. Doubtful there - but sometimes I just need a couple weeks of really thinking about what I eat to get me going again on the right track. I promise to post something interesting soon. But alas, this is my life. Oh - my husband is amazing. He sent me the absolute sweetest email today. I thank God DAILY that he brought me a God-loving man to head our family. Jay has a way of sneaking in and reminding me of our purpose, just when I need it. Today was no different. I printed the email and taped it in my desk drawer so it's always there when I need it. Love him. Gosh, I am blessed!!! Until next time! Claire

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hahahahaha. A little morning laugh. Unfortunately, this statement is rather true for me.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Something to Think About

I saw this today on Pinterest and it really resonated with me.

I struggle with the feeling that people, especially some of those who are supposed to be closest to me, using me only when they need something. In fact, it is probably one of my biggest worries/anxieties. I know that by nature, I am a very nurturing, motherly figure. And I am pretty bossy. I don't mind to take charge of a situation. I can say that with my background, I am an empathetic listener. I have training in how to react to situations. So I understand why in some ways.

However, I would like to have relationships with people that didn't always revolve around a need. I get tire of looking down at my phone and the only time a number or text appears is because that person wants something from me. Maybe I just need to practice saying "no" or not answering. But then I would be deemed hateful, rude or spiteful.


Oh - for those of you who were worried - today I did have a great day in court with a wonderful, sweet client. She was SO empowered afterwards. It was enough to remind me for a good while why I am here. I am so thankful that, when I was up at 4am this morning worrying and praying, God heard my voice and gave me that little push I needed.

Until next time,


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What a day....

Today has been a rather heartbreaking day at work. So much, in fact, that I started crying right along WITH my client. Sometimes I am just so saddened at the choices human beings are making. Choices to harm a person who, at some point, you had to feel a slight connection with. Most choose to harm those they were very close with. And it dumbfounds me, really. And I know that is what makes me "good" at my job - but it is also what makes me struggle each night when I go home. To never leave work at work.

I want to take all these young ones home. But they really aren't that much younger than I am. Which is sometimes pretty funny. Especially when the judge thinks I'm some cute little intern and I awkwardly tell them, nope - I am a real, live attorney. Took that little thing called the bar and everything! Please, check out my student loan bills and it will prove it.

But I am grateful for the opportunity to work. To earn an income. To help support my family (Oreo is getting so costly as he grows up.... I think his Dad and I are going to have a little talk with him about contributing. He just lays on the couch all day.....). [Side note: yes, we are THOSE dog people. Oreo is our child. He is practically human.] So many people do not have the chance to get up and go to work every single day. And, to know I am making a difference. Even when it is small. Or when it's just crying right along with my client, letting them know that yes, my heart does break for their pain. I am nearly certain many other attorneys would be too embarrassed to let their client see they are human. But I am a daughter of a mighty God, and I know He's using me to shape a mighty plan. I am human. I have faults and make mistakes. But I also care so, so deeply.

Whew. That got somewhat deep, didn't it? Whatevs. In other news, I have been absolutely craving a chocolate milkshake for the last two days. Before that it was bananas. So today I finally got my milkshake. I only drank about 1/4 before it I started feeling icky. But I am pretty sure it cured my craving. For that, my husband will be very happy. He was tired of me saying "I just want a chocolate milkshake" about 75 times last night. But I was too lazy to go into town. He offered to make one for me. But I told him that WAS NOT THE SAME. He offered to go into town and get one for me. But I told him I WAS ON A DIET AND DIDN'T NEED IT! He may or may not have looked at me like I had crazy eyes.....

Until tomorrow -


Monday, January 16, 2012

Update :)

Ok so. I know it has been MONTHS since I posted. But I swear I am going to keep up with it this year. That is a goal of mine. Not a New Year's Resolution. Because I have a deep rooted history at completely failing on those ;-)

I want to keep track of our day-to-day lives this year. Just the boring, mundane details. I feel like everyone moves ninety miles a minute and I forget the little things soon after it happens. I want to never forget how it feels to be a newlywed. And I always want to remember what I felt like as a new, young attorney. Years from now, I will need to know that once I was in some poor young associates position. And take pity. Not to mention, I am praying that big things happen for our family over the course of this year. Guess we will see, huh?

This past weekend, I surprised Justin with a massage. His back has really been bothering him and we are looking for alternative treatments. Really, it was a win-win for me all around. I scored bonus wife points. I made myself an appointment, too. And my husband left being able to move again. The negative: the massage therapist, AFTER telling me I was super tense and needed to relax, and me explaining I have a very high stress job, proceeded to spill her (horribly depressing) life story. It was just like being at work. Awesome. But, my shoulders and neck did feel wonderful afterwards.

I am hoping to blog soon about our wedding and our honeymoon. I am sure someday that I will want to remember all the tiny details.

Until then, I leave you with this quote in honor of MLK day:
Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'

~ MLK, Jr.

Later gators!