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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pregnancy: 15 Weeks

How Far Along: 15 weeks

Size of Babies: Oranges! I can't believe  I have two little oranges in my tummy.... No wonder it's sticking out.

Weight Gained: At the last appointment I gained 3lbs (in 13 weeks). I have a feeling I will be picking up speed!

Maternity Clothes: Yes, please. I have very few summer non-maternity clothes that fit. I'm planning on going through my fall/winter clothes this week, and I think I will have a few things that will work for a while. But in general, especially with pants, maternity clothes are the only clothes that are actually comfortable.

Sleep: I'm still exhausted but it seems to be getting a little better. Some nights I sleep great and others I will toss and turn.

Cravings: Nothing really crazy so far. I will get hooked on certain things and want to eat that all the time. Last week it was cream cheese and bagels. We will see what this week brings.

Best moment this week: Having some professional announcement pics shot today by our lovely friend Leigh Ann Colson!

What I miss: Energy!

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