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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

On the Night You Were Born: The Beginning

When I last updated about my pregnancy with the twins, I was 36 weeks and was a permanent resident of labor and delivery.

I ended up spending close to two weeks in the hospital before actually delivering. Each day, my blood pressure would creep up a tiny bit, but never crossing the line of "we have to deliver now."

On Wednesday, February 19, my OB came in to check me. I wasn't dilated but A's head was extremely far down and I was completely thinned. At this point, the cerclage to stitch my cervix shut was still in place. With all the pressure I was extremely uncomfortable and suffering from what I affectionately named "lightening crotch" all the time. To top things off, my OB informed me that she was leaving that Saturday morning to go to Hawaii. She hadn't mentioned it before because honestly no one ever thought we would make it that far.

Needless to say, I was pretty upset. My OB is the only one who practices at the hospital we chose who will attempt to deliver twins where B was breach vaginally.  So if I didn't deliver by Friday night, not only would I have a c-section, it would be by a doctor who had never treated me. This was terrifying to me.

We decided that the best thing to do would be cut the cerclage stitch and see what happened. This was done bedside in the room with no medication. It was honestly no worse than a pelvic exam. I immediately dilated to two and started contracting. We thought that was the beginning!

However, overnight my contractions slowed and I didn't dilate anymore. Thursday morning my OB came to check me and nothing was happening. I asked her to strip my membranes. She decided to let me walk that day and would come back to check me that afternoon. Of course, nothing happened. Upon her return, she went ahead and stripped my membranes. Now - that was painful. 

She also informed me that she had gotten permission (because I wasn't quite 37 weeks) to induce me on Friday. We decided to start the induction at midnight to give us plenty of time..... Our parents came up to visit and we decided for everyone to head home and try to sleep. We had plans to get sleep that night as well because we knew Friday would be a long day. Well, if we only knew what was to come......

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