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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Watch A & B Grow: 5 months

I can't even begin to say how much these little dudes mean to us! I mean, can you stand the cuteness?

Archer and Beckett - you are true joys. Month five has been full of excitement. You both are topping the scales around 16 pounds and are finally moving into 3-6 month clothing. We started solids this month and boy, you both LOVE your food. When you see your bowls you will kick your feet and squeal, because you know what's coming. Both of you rolled over from tummy to back within a day or so of each other, and Beckett will roll from back to tummy. You both will be sitting up before we even know it!

You have finally started to interact with each other and we love watching your relationship bloom. It's obvious you will be the best of friends.

Beckett, you are quite possibly the happiest baby I've ever met. You grin and smile from the second your eyes open in the morning until they close at night. You are so nosy and think everyone is talking to you. You never meet a stranger. You are also an early bird and a champion sleep fighter. You love peas and carrots. I could kiss your cheeks all day long.

Archer, you are a little ham. Your laugh is contagious. Sometimes, when we get you tickled, we can just look at you and you throw that little head back and cackle. You are a tough cookie to crack sometimes, though, and have a very inquisitive and pensive side. I believe you will be a Momma's boy for sure, and you already have a keen sense of stranger danger. You are my sleeper and there are mornings we have to wake you in order to get out the door in time. Those chubby little cheeks melt my heart.

You both are our miracles and we don't let a day go by without remembering that!

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