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Monday, October 17, 2011

Yikes! It's been a long time.

So for the one to two people who actually MAY look at this, I apologize for being a lazy blogger. Life has been seemingly crazy here lately.

I started my first "big girl" job with an actual paycheck and benefits on October 3rd. Jumped in head first and have never looked back. Most of the time, when I have a client, I just have this overwhelming urge to say "Who in the heck thought it was smart to let ME be in charge here?!" But then I reign myself in and realize I do have SOME brains and a stack of letters behind my name. So surely I can manage.

Then, October 4th was my 26th birthday. My first birthday WORKING in a "big girl" job. It was actually a pretty great day. Although I had court all day, my second momma made me delicious champagne cupcakes and brought them to the courthouse (where she also works). J and my mom both sent me flowers. My momma and daddy cooked a wonderful southern meal for me that night. And gave me/us a new set of luggage! Woot! Along with a new Vera Bradley briefcase. And my in-laws got me a new Vera Bradley purse. All in Suzanni.

So all in all, it was a pretty great birthday, I must say.

This past weekend, J and I worked in our yard. I LOVE Fall and decorating, so of course, this being our first fall as a married couple, I just had to spruce things up a bit. We had such a good time working outside together. That is how I know I have married my best friend - even doing something as seemingly mundane as yard work, we have a ball together. Saturday evening, we invited Dust & Case over, and Adam and Danielle, for a little cook-out and firepit time. It was so fun just to sit outside and laugh over our ridiculous medical stories. Pretty sure we all learned WAY too much about everyone!!

I will say - I hated to see Monday come. On a bright note, I put some beans in the "crackpot" this morning, so dinner will be mostly done when I get home. Nothing like some good 'ole ham 'n beans and cornbread!


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