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Monday, April 29, 2013

Random Monday Thoughts

Not much substantive here. Just some thoughts.

This next month is going to be absolutely insane. INSANE I tell you. We've got so much going on at home. And work is redonk. I literally have 5 hearings on ONE morning coming up. Three of which will require some serious lawyering. Not that the others won't.... But they aren't contested.

I booked the very first family vacation for my side of the family today. First as in ever. The whole fam damily (um, that auto corrected to farm family first. Which may be closer. We are a freaking funny farm most of the time.) is headed to Destin, FL in August. So excited for my Mom and Dad! This was my baby bro's idea - I just executed the details.

We packed about 15 boxes thus far. What I have learned from this experience is the following:
1. I love dishes. Dishes of all kinds. But particularly anything Fiesta Ware.
2. I could throw some absolute baller parties with the amount of serving dishes we own.
3. When we registered for our wedding, I obviously thought we had a much larger ghost family living in our home, because I sure as hell wasn't registering for a normal sized one.
4. Bubble wrap does not go very far.
5. Packing is boring.

My hubs is addicted to the show Fringe. It scared me. I have a hard and fast rule - I only watch romances, comedies, or romantic comedies. Maybe a little drama thrown in. But nothing scary, freaky, sci-fi, spooky, creepy or stupid. I think Fringe is borderline freaky/creepy. It sure isn't romantic comedy.

I worked until 7:30 tonight. Came home and packed some dishes up (imagine that). If you looked in the cabinet you couldn't even really tell. But I packed 4 boxes.

I am obsessed with toast with cinnamon sugar butter, eggs in a forms, and oatmeal. For any meal. Not necessarily all together. Can be separate or two of the three. Although all three sounds pretty yummy.

Some times I wish I were a teacher if for nothing else, to have summers off.

It really infuriates me when people make snide comments and like to pretend they were joking or being sarcastic. Um, no. That's called being a witch. Guess what? It's rude. Go figure.

The allergies are making my eyes itch so bad. Hopefully the new glasses are in soon so I will be able to wear glasses instead of contacts and also be able to see.

The end. Happy Monday peeps!

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