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Sunday, June 1, 2014

On the Night You Were a Born

I don't remember a lot about the delivery. I was so sick from the magnesium I couldn't stay awake much. I remember being rolled into the operating room and the Neonatoligist stopping me and promising my babies would be taken care of. I remember panicking thinking I could feel everything and that I wasn't breathing (although I was fine).

I do remember, however, hearing my doctor say here comes A and the sweetest, most perfect little scream echoing throughout the room and someone saying to Justin, "Here he is Dad! Get pictures!" Only to be followed exactly one minute later by B's sweet, perfect little yelp and cries!

Welcome to the world, Archer!

Welcome to the world, Beckett!

Justin went to check on the babies as their two teams of doctors looked them over while I was finishing up. Once the babies were given the okay, they were wrapped up and brought over to me to see. I was so delirious but remember just staring at those sweet faces and feeling so relieved that they were finally here. Justin held them both for a few minutes while they finished sewing me up, and then they moved me to my regular hospital bed, placed one baby in each arm, and rolled me to my room.

Meeting Beckett.

Hi, Daddy!

Archer Robertson arrived at 12:18am Saturday, February 22 weighing 5lbs 13oz and 19 1/2 inches long followed by Beckett Tinsley at 12:19am weighing 6lbs 1oz and 19 1/2 inches long. We had our parents come in first for a few minutes to meet the boys, then the rest of our family. Those were some of the most precious moments, seeing our sweet babies being loved by so many people.

Beckett and Coy.

Coy, Poppy and Archer.

Daddy, Nana and Beckett.

PawPaw and Daddy.

Our little Beckett Boy.

Sweet baby Archer.

Archer and Beckett, the moments you entered the world will forever be stamped into your Daddy and my's hearts. We waited and prayed for so long to meet you, and it was worth every scary moment, every painful time, all the bedrest and hospital stays, and long tedious labor. I would do it again in a second to have you both here with me.

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