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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Watch A & B Grow: 2 Months

Well, here I am writing their 2 month post at 3 months. No one could have warned me with how hectic life with twins is!

The boys are growing so super fast. I love it and hate it all at once. Watching them develop into little humans is amazing, but my tiny babies have disappeared. Both of you have moved into your 0-3 month clothing. It is a little big, but your newborn outfits were getting a little tight and definitely too short! We also moved you up to Size 1 diapers. They looked SO HUGE compared to the tiny little newborn diapers, but you fill them out quite nicely.

Archer, you are growing so fast little man. At your two month check-up, you passed brother up by just a few ounces. You did great with your shots and only cried for a few minutes. It broke Momma's heart. Thankfully your Coy went with us since Daddy had to work, and she cuddled you too. You ran a low grade temperature for the night afterwards, but a little dose of Tylenol made you all better. You are my good eater, taking down at least 6oz, sometimes more, at each feeding. Right now I'm still pumping, and you get about about 70% breast milk and 30% formula. You have weaned yourself from one night feeding, eating once in the night. It's amazing what 4-5 consecutive hours of sleep will do for a Momma & Daddy. You are a happy little guy, smiling and laughing and talking all the time. You are a good sleeper for the most part. You are a joy and delight in our lives. We love you Goose!

Beckett, you are the most serious little man. Your facial expressions crack us up. You are very pensive and studious, and take everything in. You are definitely more wakeful than your brother and don't care for sleep as much. We think you have your Momma's temperament. You did great at your two month check-up and screamed briefly when you got shots, and then you were over it after a snuggle from Momma. You are our little cuddle bug and love being held close, burying your face in the crook of our arm. You are starting to get attached to your "lovey," a little monkey Daddy picked you out for Easter. You aren't as big of an eater as brother, and also weaned yourself from one night feeding. However, you tend to wake more during the night to fuss briefly. You are our little old man, and fill our hearts with great happiness. We love you, Mouse!

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