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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday.... On Waiting

Ahh, yes. I really need to take this to heart. It's our human nature to want, want, want RIGHT NOW. I know that. But I am really trying to change the way I pray, so that while I express my wants, needs and desires to God - I also lay them at His feet, and say "I will wait, God. I am happy and content where You have me. I will bloom where I am planted until You decide otherwise."

It is a struggle. There are a handful of "big" issues that we have been praying for as a family. But, I have faith, and I believe - our time is coming. I just need to trust God when His answer is "not right now, my child - but soon" instead of "here ya go."

What a happier world we would all live in, if we just had patience for what we believe will happen.

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