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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Time is Here

This is gonna be a picture dump of Christmas fun.

Our Christmas this year was super busy but as always, a lot of fun. I feel like Christmas gets so rushed though... We crammed in three activities on Christmas Eve, plus our church Communion service, and it was really too much. I was anxious all day and kept feeling like we had to leave one place to get to another without really enjoying the moment.

We started out Christmas Eve at my parents house to briefly celebrate my sweet, handsome baby brother's 24th birthday. Poor baby gets lost in the Christmas shuffle, but we always take a little time out for him to momentarily celebrate his special day.

The Birthday Boy!
After watching Zach open presents, we headed to Justin's Grandma's house. I did not get any pictures there - but it was loud, crowded and full of little ones ripping open the gifts. I told Justin I always feel a little out of place, though - we are the only ones there without kids (other than his younger sister - whose name is still in the "kids" Christmas drawing!) so when it is present time, we are like those to weirdos just hanging out creepin' on other people's children. Which is silly - because they are our family. I love watching our niece and little cousins as they excitedly open gifts. But it does leave an odd place in your heart when that is what you desire.

We left Justin's Grandmas and headed straight to our church to meet my family, plus Justin's sister and her boyfriend, for Christmas Eve communion. Then, we headed from there to my parents to celebrate with my immediate family.

My sister, her husband and my niece and nephew, plus their new puppy Sunshine "Sunny" Hahs along with my aunt and her friend. Time was crunched because we had to get back to Justin's family, but we had an enjoyable time. We played a white elephant game and the kids opened their gifts.

Ella's Santa Clause impersonation.

We then headed over to Justin's parents to do their side of Christmas, because his Dad and brother both had to work odd shifts on Christmas day. It was a tight squeeze with all of us and a mountain of presents, but it is always a fun time! Wouldn't have it any other way.  I scored some awesome clothes and some new Vera, so really - couldn't get much better for me.

The Bratton Tree

Taking a quick photo break.

Opening gifts.
Christmas morning, Justin and I woke up and had some time just the two (really three with Oreo) of us to open our gifts to one another.

The Poley Tree

Checking out his Santa gift.
Sparkle Toms!

Dress shirts. Oh yeah.
We then headed over to my parents. It is a family tradition for my Dad to cook up a huge and delicious breakfast Christmas morning. We ate ourselves silly then enjoyed opening gifts.

Tree & the loot.

13th Christmas together.

Just because he's so handsome.

Chloe & Zach
We spent the rest of the day laying around in our pajamas and visiting with both our families. It was definitely a wonderful Christmas holiday for the Poleys!

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