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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Sweet Potatoes

I had a baked sweet potato for supper. I'm obsEssed. It's so weird because I used to hate them. Then my mother-in-law called me one night after watching some show on the history channel that said sweet potatoes can cause multiples. I decided to give them a try and WHAM! Love them. I bought some Land-o-Lakes cinnamon sugar butter to put on mine tonight and it was heaven.

I also made Italian Crockpot Beef for tonight. It's the easiest and yummiest meal.


Chuck roast (size depending on how many you feed - 2lb roast should serve approx 4)
2 jars peppercinni peppers OR mild pepper rings
2 packets Italian dressing seasoning
Beef broth (enough to cover roast)
Swiss cheese slices
Hoagie buns
Steak sauce


Place chuck roast on bottom of crockpot. Pour in one jar of peppers with juice. Pour in about half the 2nd jar of peppers with juice, reserving the remainder for garnish. Sprinkle on 1-2 packets of Italian seasoning mix (depending on preference - I use both). Cover with beef broth until roast is covered. Cook on low approximately 6-8 hours. Shred meat when done and serve on hoagie buns with Swiss cheese, steak sauce and peppers.

Easy and delicious. We make it a lot for company because its a crowd pleaser and very easy, especially if I have worked all day.

This past week has been out of our norm. Justin was gone from Sat-Tues on a business trip. I hate being alone. I was alone for SO long when I was in law school, and now that I've gotten used to being home with him everyday it's like I forgot how to handle it. I spent a lot of time and nights at my parents. Oreo was very happy. He loves staying with them, and having Mom there too was like icing on the doggie cake.

Wednesday and Thursday night our sweet niece Sophie stayed with us while her parents had "mommy and daddy" time. We absolutely loved having her here with us. I was so glad she got to stay and that her momma and daddy got the chance to get away for a couple days. She was very good and so much fun. We went to bed the second night feeling so blessed to have a little one in our home and both felt this tug in our hearts for when we will have that feeling every night. I loved watching Sophie and Jay together. She would get so excited when he walked in the door. We also visited him at school and she ran from the car to the door to get to him. It seriously made my heart burst out of my chest. She is such a loving little girl. You can tell there is no shortage of love for her, because she so easily returns it to everyone.

Yesterday we finally broke down and traded in my baby. She had 171,000 miles on her and made 1000s of trips back and forth to St. Louis and never once let me down. She made half a dozen trips to Florida and back, a couple to Georgia, many trips to Cape, Memphis, Jefferson City and Columbia. However, it was time. The gas pedal just really didn't want to work anymore which was my sign. That, and paying at least $300 a month to the local garage to keep her running. So we are the proud owners of a gently used 2013 GMC Terrain. It's like driving a freaking Mercedes compared to what I did have! So far I'm very impressed.

I'm watching Justin work on my website now... Thank goodness he loves that stuff and can get my business going, because I would be in trouble if it were up to me!


  1. I'm making this!!! Maybe tonight!!!

    1. You will love! I'm trying a new crockpot meal today. I will post if it works!