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Friday, March 1, 2013

A Day in the Life

Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner again for Show Us You Life. Today's theme is a day in the life.... Obviously, since we don't have children or anything such as that (unless you count Oreo) our daily life isn't that crazy or fun.

I always think it is really fun or interesting to see what other people do on a "normal" day though!

On a normal weekday, my alarm is set for 6:36am. I hit snooze about 7 million times. I finally roll out of bed sometime after 7:00am, usually when Justin hollars at me that I am going to be late. I take a quick shower, send him off to work, feed and water Oreo, and pick up the house.

I am obviously running late by then. I hurry up to get my makeup and hair done, and fly out the door like a bat out of you-know-where.

I slide into work around 8:30am and go straight to my office after checking for messages. I brew myself a cup of coffee and usually grab a pop-tart from our mega pop-tart stash. Healthy. I sit at my desk and take some time to acclimate to work. I am not a morning person. I drink my coffee, eat my pop-tart, catch up with CB and check emails.

If I have morning court, I will prepare. If not, typically my mornings are more of returning calls, emails and working on paperwork. I try to schedule appointments in the afternoons. I usually take a lunch break at some point. If I have afternoon court, I sometimes don't get the chance. Afternoons are usually busy and filled with appointments and phone calls.

I am usually home by around 5:30pm at the latest. I typically come in and pick up the house and start dinner. We are super exciting at night, laying around on the couch and relaxing. I try to be asleep by midnight. CRAZY.

I can only imagine how this will change for the better one day.


  1. I love that you set your alarm for 6:36. Mine is 6:17 (although I don't roll out of bed til closer to 6:40)...just can't handle setting it for a 'normal' time!! :)

    1. Ha! I just feel like 6:36 is SO much closer to an acceptable time than 6:30! Lol!

  2. It really is a lot more crazy with a kid. Especially another one. My aunt of 5, who I love dearly, has told me more than once, that I will never get a full nights sleep for atleast 20 years. I'm starting to believe her

    1. I can only imagine! I'm enjoying this time while its here :)