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Thursday, January 23, 2014

32 Weeks

Y'all. 32 weeks! 11 weeks ago I didn't think I would still be pregnant right now. It's such a miracle and blessing from God.

I was 32 weeks exactly on Monday. On Tuesday, we had doctors appointments. It started out as a major cluster of problems.

Originally, the plan was I would see my regular OB and also have a biophysical profile (BPP) and non-stress test (NST) in her office. The Maternal Fetal Medicine doctors agreed I could be released from their care with the exception of growth scans every three weeks from the 30 week point. 

My appointment was at 11:20 and we live about an hour from the doctor's office. At 10:00 I get a phone call from the doctor's office saying I actually needed to go to MFM for the testing because I couldn't do it in their office. I specifically asked if they had called MFM to let them know, and the reply was "Yes. They know you had an appointment here at 11:20 but will be coming there first and they said they would work you in."

Well, my Mom and I arrive at the hospital and go to check in at the MFM clinic and they have no idea why I'm there. My doctor's office never called! So I explain the situation and they tell me to wait while they check. Then they say I can go up to the OB floor for the NST and then head to my doctor. Well, I also needed the BPP - which couldn't be done on the OB floor! So long story short, they finally figure it out but can't fit me in until 1:00!! And Dr. W didn't want to see me in her office until AFTER all the testing. It was such a mess.

We ended up going to the restaurant in the hospital and getting lunch, because my favorite nurse said the babies would likely perform better if I ate right before hand.

Anyway, they got me back around 12:45 for the testing. The babies passed the BPP immediately. The ultrasound tech spent about 15 extra minutes just letting us watch them move around. Archer was sucking on his little hand like he was starving! Beckett had NO interest in performing for his Momma and refused to turn his head to look at the "camera." Then I had to be hooked up to the NST for about 30 minutes. Thankfully, the babies heart rates were perfect and I didn't have a single contraction.

By the time the testing was done and I waited on the doctor, it was after 2:00 when I made it to my regular OB appointment. And of course, I had to wait in the waiting room and in the exam room. I ended up laying down on the exam table because I was so tired and my back and belly were aching from being up all day.

My OB was great and answered all my questions. We spent time talking about my "birthing plan" AND scheduled a date to remove my cerclage. So basically the babies should be here within four weeks or less! I am now allowed to slowly start increasing my activity to build some stamina, and get out for little outings once or twice a week. Dr. W just said to use good judgment and common sense. If I feel tired, rest. If I start to contract or feel uncomfortable, take that as a sign I need to really slow down.

So here we are. Just waiting and hoping these sweet boys stay inside for a few more weeks! 

Oh - we had a great friend come take maternity pictures at our house that are "bedrest" friendly. Here's a little peak! I will share more once we have them.