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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day in the Life

I thought it would be fun to do a "day in the life" post right now, and then compare it when the babies are actually here. Ha! I picked Friday to do it. My life is actually much more interesting at 32 weeks than when I first went on bedrest at 21 weeks. And interesting is probably a great stretch of the imagination.

4:00 am - finally tired of tossing and turning so I get up and head to the couch.  I feel horrible because I know I wake Justin up and he's been sick all week.

7:00 am - Hear Justin get up so I get up with him. I make a pitstop at the bathroom and also brush my teeth, hair and throw on my comfy pants and a tank. The bedrest uniform. I talk to Justin while he gets ready for work.

7:25 am - Turn on the Keurig & brew my one cup of decaf coffee. Fill my large Tervis of ice water. Tell J bye and make another pitstop to the bathroom.

7:30 am - back on the couch with coffee and television.

9:15 am - Get up and head to the bathroom again. Put instant oatmeal in the microwave while I pour a glass of milk and refill my water. Head back to the couch and eat breakfast.

9:45 am - Do some online shopping for J's birthday. 

10:40 am - Back to the bathroom. Decide to lay down because my back is really aching. It's not coming and going so I don't think it's contractions (I usually feel contractions start in my back).

11:00 am - Let Oreo out and head back to the bathroom. I can tell it's not going to be a good day when I have to pee every 20 minutes.

11:35 am - Let Oreo in and, you guessed it, back to the bathroom.

12:10 pm - Pee again. Both babies have decided to use my bladder and cervix as their own personal trampoline. Decide while I'm up I might as well eat lunch.

12:40 pm - finish eating my salad, clean up my dishes, let Oreo out to pee and head back to the bathroom for another pitstop. Make sure to refill my water before I set down.

1:00 pm - Decide to watch last nights Parenthood because I am procrastinating writing thank-you notes. I settle in the recliner hoping it will help my back.

1:15 pm - My mom drops off a casserole, salad and applie pie for our dinner. I chat with her and she eats a sandwich before heading back to work. Make a pitstop at the bathroom.

1:40 pm - back to watching Parenthood.

2:30 pm - I apparently dozed off and wake up feeling very crampy and achy in my lower abdomen and back. Everything feels like it's stretched to the max and my bladder is killing me. I get up, take some Tylenol, use the bathroom and refill my water.

3:00 pm - I cannot get comfortable or find relief. I get back up to use the bathroom and walk around the house for a couple of minutes hoping my back will ease up.

4:30 pm - Jay gets home from baseball practice and I burst into tears because I'm miserable. I have a couple of mild contractions but they aren't steady.

5:00 pm - Decide to go ahead and get up and shower. A photographer friend is coming over to take some belly shots. Maybe getting up and the hot water will help.

7:00 pm - Start photos.

9:00 pm - Eat dinner in the recliner. Finally my back isn't hurting as bad.

9:30 pm - Dose off in recliner.

10:45 pm - Jay wakes me up because I have to take my medicine at a specific time, one of which requires me to lay horizontally for an hour afterwards. I go through and wash my face, brush my teeth, take my meds and get in bed.

11:30 pm - Fall asleep.

5:00 am - Decide I'm not sleeping anymore apparently. Play on my phone, try to convince my body sleep is necessary. Make frequent trips to the bathroom.

6:15 am - I'm starving. I get up and eat powdered donuts and drink milk (super healthy).

6:30 am - Get back in bed hoping for more sleep.

So there you have it. A day in the life of bedrest at 32 weeks. Wild and crazy!

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