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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Quick Update - Another Trip to L&D

I ended up in Labor & Delivery late yesterday afternoon. Thursday night I started feeling "off" and just not myself, but really couldn't pinpoint anything specific. I went on to bed and woke up at some point in the middle of the night with what felt like a stomach ache. Not contractions really, but an unsettled stomach.

I ended up sleeping late Friday morning. When I woke up I still didn't feel very well. I got up and took my medicine, and eventually drank a cup of decaf coffee and some water. I felt really nauseous and crampy and had a lower back ache. I kept thinking it would go away. Around noon I still felt horrible and had a feeling I was going to end up at the hospital.

So I did what anyone would do and showered and ate! Ha! I wanted to make sure I looked good and wasn't hungry. I called my doctors office around 2:30 and they told me to go straight to L&D since the symptoms I had (plus more I won't detail here) were indicative of pre-term labor.

Once Justin was home and we were loaded up we headed out. They recognize me on L&D now and as soon as the elevator opened the secretary was like "Oh hey Claire we've got your room ready!" My two favorite nurses were also working! So I had exceptional care.

I started having some fairly strong and consistent contractions around 6:00 and they decided to push a bolus of
IV fluids super fast to see if it helped. Well, because I was considerably uncomfortable and anxious, along with the fluids pushing so fast, my heartrate skyrocketed.

Finally, after starting a second bag of fluids the contractions slowly eased up and I relaxed. My doctor had a delivery and came in around 11:00 and checked me. While my cervix is thin the cerclage
Is holding strong. We agreed I would feel more comfortable staying overnight. I maybe had a handful of very mild contractions through out the night, so after monitoring the babies this morning they sent me on home!

Basically, I am under the impression this could be fairly typical of what to expect the next couple of weeks. Hopefully my uterus will stay calm for me though, because all this excitement is a little too much! 

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