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Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Bump

Well, I fell off that weekly bump-date bandwagon fairly quickly, now didn't I? Granted, when you have been on bedrest for 10 weeks, the first 8 or so of which I literally did nothing but go from the bed to the bathroom and back, taking weekly photos is kind of difficult.

However, I tried to snap one as often as possible when I was up to visit the doctor.

There's a weekly progression through Christmas, which was week 28.

Week 29 happened to fall around my baby shower, which I will give a little update on later. But here is a picture with my lovely Momma!

We didn't get a picture for week 30 because, well, things got kind of crazy that morning before we rushed to the doctor. I will try to get one Tuesday for week 31 because I'm telling you, this torpedo belly just keeps growing and growing!

The shirts I bought thinking would be big for most of my pregnancy - HA! I have hardly bought anything since being on bedrest other than several tank tops, a couple more pairs of leggings, and 5 pairs of fleece pj pants. Yes, you read that correctly. My daily uniform is a tank and pjs. Sometimes I might get crazy and throw on one of the four-ish long sleeve shirts that fit. But I try to save those for special occasions, you know, like going to the doctor.

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