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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Something to Smile About

I'm blogging from the iPad. I really have meant to keep up with this but it's been a crazy busy week to just be Wednesday. I have worked late everyday. I'm exhausted! Maybe I should be called the Divorceinator. I did five divorces and a contested custody hearing yesterday. If you have never had the pleasure (ha) of witnessing or participating in that type of court believe me when I say that's a long morning. To top it off, my boss and supervisor and a consultant from one of our major partners (doing a site visit all the way from New York City) were in the audience. The consultant had never been in court. And it was a hopping morning. But last night since Jay went over to his brothers house I went to hang out with my sis-in-law and friend. They made me laugh. Today I also had court, but thankfully it was a simple continuance hearing. When I returned there was someone waiting for legal and CB (my advocate and the one who makes sure my skirt is never tucked into my pantyhose) and I had to handle that. Which means we didn't eat lunch until 3:30 and no it was not healthy. I'm already falling off the wagon. But I digress.... Anywho my boss kept poking her head in the door saying she needed to look around. Finally my door opened and someone said I had a delivery. In comes 6 roses, and angel and a sweet plaque with a verse. A client sent me a thank you for finally being the one to listen to her story. She had been calling to see if it was delivered because she was so excited to hear my reaction, which is why my boss kept looking in. I cried. I have been struggling with whether I'm making a difference, and this was such a huge reminder - worth more than all the money in thw world. Our God is awesome, working on me through people when I least expect it. Today was one to smile about. Because in the end I came home to my wonderful hubs and sweet doggie, knowing I helped someone.

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