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Monday, January 23, 2012


Last week was a terribly crappy week, work-wise. I am struggling to maintain my professionalism in the face of douche-baggery, honestly. I am "this close" to stomping my feet and screaming "I TOOK THE SAME FREAKING BAR YOU DID. AND I PASSED. WITH FLYING COLORS. AAAAAAAND I PASSED LAW SCHOOL. JUST LIKE YOU. ACTUALLY, I HAVE MY MASTERS DEGREE AS WELL. SO KISS OFF." But I am pretty sure that will tank what small reputation I am building. Definitely living in a man's world here. I have never, EVER been the type of woman who blamed their struggles on being a woman. But geeze louise, working in southeast Missouri is like stepping backwards in time about 50 years. I was supposed to head to St. Louis for a Relay For Life convention Friday after work. But after the week I had, I was physically ill. I had a terrible migraine that just would not go away. So the thought of driving three hours was just not working with me. Instead, I went home and complained to my husband. Then we went and got groceries. Which, actually, is relaxing for me. We are dorks, but we love grocery shopping together. I woke up Saturday morning with a headache. Again. I got up around 8:00am to pee, and knew it was going to be a nagging headache. So I went back to bed, thinking maybe I was just exhausted and needed more sleep. Woke back up around 10:00am and got up for good. I quickly realized I needed to break out the prescription meds. So I took one, and Jay and I headed over to help his mom and aunt move offices. I did sweep the floors, but other than that I think I was more moral support. :) I think it was still appreciated, though! Saturday evening we decided to head up to Cape so I could (finally) get my diploma (not sure what else to call it??) from the MO Supreme Court framed, announcing to all who enter my office that yes, Claire Elizabeth Poley is certified as an Attorney and Counselor at Law. Maybe I need to keep a picture on my cell phone and show it to all my colleagues who seem to think otherwise? I love Hobby Lobby, or as I like to say, HobLob. We wondered around and checked out all of their goodies before heading to Olive Garden. Where I enjoyed a large glass of wine. Because I could. Followed it up by TARGET, close to the most wonderful place in the world. Hot date, right? Sometimes that is just what we need, though! Sunday we went to church. Last week we missed because we both felt under the weather, and it felt like our day was just empty. So I was glad to be back. Gave me a refreshed outlook and hopefully will encourage me as I move through this week. Which has great potential to make last week look like unicorns and rainbows. That is pretty much all I've got. Except I decided to start counting calories again today. I really need to get in check. So far today, so good. Hope it lasts. Doubtful there - but sometimes I just need a couple weeks of really thinking about what I eat to get me going again on the right track. I promise to post something interesting soon. But alas, this is my life. Oh - my husband is amazing. He sent me the absolute sweetest email today. I thank God DAILY that he brought me a God-loving man to head our family. Jay has a way of sneaking in and reminding me of our purpose, just when I need it. Today was no different. I printed the email and taped it in my desk drawer so it's always there when I need it. Love him. Gosh, I am blessed!!! Until next time! Claire

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