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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What a day....

Today has been a rather heartbreaking day at work. So much, in fact, that I started crying right along WITH my client. Sometimes I am just so saddened at the choices human beings are making. Choices to harm a person who, at some point, you had to feel a slight connection with. Most choose to harm those they were very close with. And it dumbfounds me, really. And I know that is what makes me "good" at my job - but it is also what makes me struggle each night when I go home. To never leave work at work.

I want to take all these young ones home. But they really aren't that much younger than I am. Which is sometimes pretty funny. Especially when the judge thinks I'm some cute little intern and I awkwardly tell them, nope - I am a real, live attorney. Took that little thing called the bar and everything! Please, check out my student loan bills and it will prove it.

But I am grateful for the opportunity to work. To earn an income. To help support my family (Oreo is getting so costly as he grows up.... I think his Dad and I are going to have a little talk with him about contributing. He just lays on the couch all day.....). [Side note: yes, we are THOSE dog people. Oreo is our child. He is practically human.] So many people do not have the chance to get up and go to work every single day. And, to know I am making a difference. Even when it is small. Or when it's just crying right along with my client, letting them know that yes, my heart does break for their pain. I am nearly certain many other attorneys would be too embarrassed to let their client see they are human. But I am a daughter of a mighty God, and I know He's using me to shape a mighty plan. I am human. I have faults and make mistakes. But I also care so, so deeply.

Whew. That got somewhat deep, didn't it? Whatevs. In other news, I have been absolutely craving a chocolate milkshake for the last two days. Before that it was bananas. So today I finally got my milkshake. I only drank about 1/4 before it I started feeling icky. But I am pretty sure it cured my craving. For that, my husband will be very happy. He was tired of me saying "I just want a chocolate milkshake" about 75 times last night. But I was too lazy to go into town. He offered to make one for me. But I told him that WAS NOT THE SAME. He offered to go into town and get one for me. But I told him I WAS ON A DIET AND DIDN'T NEED IT! He may or may not have looked at me like I had crazy eyes.....

Until tomorrow -


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