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Friday, November 2, 2012

Day(s) Late & A Dollar Short

Ya'll! It's like I have fallen of the blog wagon. I was doing sooo good and life just got in the way :) I feel like I have so much that I have forgotten to blog about.

My 27th birthday was October 4th. It was a very great day! Actually, it was a great week. My darling of a husband sent me birthday WEEK flowers on that Monday. I am typically not a flower person, but they were such a great surprise!


The night before my birthday, or Birthday Eve, I walked back to the bedroom to find a couple of decorations :)

The morning of my birthday, I was treated to a new Vera Bradley! I seriously love my Vera :) I also had another special delivery at work that day from my hubby.

We ended up eating birthday dinner at my parents, and my Dad cooked my favorite meatloaf and my Momma cooked my favorite mashed potatoes and icebox cake. It was a wonderful day! We continued the celebrations onto Saturday, when we went for a massage and out shopping and to the winery. My family made me feel so loved and special - I am so blessed!

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