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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Total Recap!

Whoa! I have been so MIA here lately. Yikes. Work has been SO crazy. The holidays always bring out the very worst in people....

We participated in the Trunk-or-Treat in our community on Halloween night. We did this last year through our church as well. Justin & I are always the "ring-leaders" of this event. We dressed up as Shaggy and Velma - and of course, didn't get a single picture of ourselves.

The back of our "trunk"

Lots of candy!
This place was PACKED!! The lines were SO long, and most people ran out of candy early. I am not sure how to remedy this, but there needs to be a better solution.

Our little Minnie Mouse came by for some candy (and a few laughs with Uncle Jay) as well.

Too cute for words!

We have spent a lot of time trying to relax and just catch up. Justin is coaching a Little League basketball team, so a couple of evenings a week he has practice. His Grandma Poley passed away at the beginning of November, which was a very hard time. She was very sick and he/we spent a LOT of time at the hospital those last few days. We both missed almost a week of work.

That being said, this little guy sure does make our life happier:

We had such a nice Thanksgiving! Of course, did not get a single picture :) We started the day off at Justin's Grandma's (his Mom's mom) with all of his family. Lunch was delicious! Grandma Jo made fried cabbage especially for us. YUM! My Mom and Dad also prepared a big feast, and we went over there for dinner. We stayed and watched Christmas Vacation, which is our Thanksgiving Tradition.

We were up fairly bright and early on Black Friday, which is a shocker for us. LOL. Although we didn't go crazy, we did end up getting some really good deals and a large portion of our Christmas shopping done.

This past weekend, we laid around and put up a lot of our Christmas decorations. Pictures to come soon!

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