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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday.... Can we choose who we love?

Source: danoah.com via Claire on Pinterest

I was searching for a quote or saying or verse that had recently touched me. Trying to come up with some amazing Thoughtful Tuesday piece since I have been noticeably absent. Then I came across the link to Dan Pearce over at Single Dad Laughing and this post he published today entitled Anything Other Than Straight.

What he says touched me to the core. His words are prolific. His thoughts - so honest and raw.

I have always held a firm belief that we, as humans, as Christians - don't always have a choice in WHO we love. It happens.... In my work, I see it all the time. How someone can be abused, degraded, berated yet still come in and sit down and tell me, with tears streaming down their face, "But, I love him."

I am in NO way, shape or form comparing being gay to being abused. But what I am saying, is that sometimes, our hearts have ways our minds don't understand.

I do not think being gay is a choice, any more than I had a choice as to what color eyes I was born with.

Please, read his post. Understand what he is saying, begging from the rest of "us" in this world.

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