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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pomp & Circumstance

So, I finally pulled myself off the couch and uploaded pictures from this weekend onto the computer so I could blog. I apparently have every "itis" disease you could possibly catch at one time. Major fail immune system. I am not quite sure HOW that happened considering I am taking every fricking vitamin under the sun.

Anyway, on Saturday my baby brother graduated from college. This was a big day for everyone! I know my parents are very relieved (and proud, of course! but relieved) to have their last child out of school. My mom said on our way there, her and my dad have had a child in school for 30 years. That's a hella long time.

He graduated from a small liberal arts college in Fulton, MO. Val Kilmer (otherwise known as Doc Holiday from Tombstone and BATMAN) was the guest speaker. He did a really good job!

I am so proud of Zach. He's grown into such a kind, gentle hearted, sweet spirited, crazy young man. I can't wait to see where life takes him. I can't wait to see him marry a wonderful girl (she's gotta be out there somewhere!) and have a family full of little kids. I can't wait to see him be an Uncle to my children, because he will be the best.

If this picture says anything, it is the quintessential explanation of Zach's personality:

We also had to take a few family portraits:

After the ceremony, we suprised Zach with a sweet cake. He is petrified of clowns, and Justin & I just couldn't control ourselves.....

We went into Jefferson City to eat lunch, and then headed on to the outlets in Osage Beach. Both my momma and my husband indulged me in some retail therapy.

I snagged this awesome swimsuit for our upcoming beach vacation for WAY under retail value:

Score! Now, back to the couch before I get in trouble from my hubby. He's taking AWESOME care of me. I kinda want to stretch this out... Except I feel like poop. That part sucks.

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