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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Disney World Recap: Epcot

We really enjoyed visiting Epcot as well. We ended up going to that park twice. We went one evening because we had reservations in "Japan" for sushi. We both agreed it was not something we would ever want to go back to again, because it wasn't very good.

We did however love walking around through the World Pavillion. We managed to hit EVERY country there, I think :) We also caught the super cool light show that evening, and managed to get on some very popular rides.

Justin really was interested in all the space rides, so we rode Mission Space: Orange, which was a simulation of taking off and landing in space. I was spazzing out the entire waiting time, because they kept making announcments that if you had motion sickness you didn't need to ride. I have serious motion sickness. When we got on the ride, they even had barf bags! I got one out and open just in case. Thankfully, I didn't barf, but if you watched last week's Grey's, it was only because I put mind over matter!

All in all, it was the best vacation. We can't wait to go back!

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  1. Yes, lol I watched Greys, and that cant be more true. Mind over matter. Its amazing really what all you can overcome if you can manipulate your mind into thinking opposite of your fears.