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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Weekend

We had a great weekend. Friday afternoon, a friend called and said she had extra tickets to the Cards-Cubbies game. We literally had about 4 hours to get ready, grab our stuff and take Oreo to my parents and make the 2hr 45min drive. We walked in the stadium RIGHT on time! It was such a nice spontaneous surprise! I really true to stop and appreciate the fact that we have the ability to get up and go like that at twice last second. I want to always remember these days we have together, just us two. The game was awesome! Cards ended up sweeping the Cubs this weekend. Always great :-)

Yesterday we laid around and I did some deep cleaning in our main living spaces. And we went to get groceries. Always fun.

Today we went to church and then to Justin's Grandma Jo's for lunch with all his family. Or G Jo's as Sophie would say. We also visited with my parents for a while.

Now, I'm hoping to get my exercise on - I've ate horribly the past few days!

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