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Monday, July 9, 2012

Marathons & Cupcakes ;-)


No, seriously. Most days I feel like this. I started Weight Watchers over three weeks ago. I am having a lot of success! It helps that I have a WW "buddy" - my sister-in-law actually inspired/encouraged me to start.

I was SO tired of feeling unhealthy. Having a negative body image. Always being tired and sluggish. After getting married, I gained what I like to coin the "Newlywed Twenty." I was no longer living (primarily) by myself. I wasn't rediculously stressed about studying for/taking/passing the Bar and planning a wedding. Life just happened. I cook(ed) big meals for my husband in the quest to be the perfect wife. It got cold outside. I didn't get much exercise (at least, in the gym ;-)). Aaaaand those pesky little pounds just crept right on up.

Suffice to say, this is the jump start I needed! I really am loving the WW system of counting daily points, plus having a "bank" of plus points to use throughout the week when you need a little splurge. I have also been working out a few times a week. My husband has been hitting the gym HARD and WOW, the results are amazing! His body is literally changing before my eyes.

So hopefully, this is a life long change. I don't want to diet forever, but I think every now and then you just need a little kick in the rear to get things moving. 


  1. There's no such thing as a diet. It's a lifestyle change :) Good work!