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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Small People


I've been struggling lately with people in my life who I feel enjoy making other feel small, belittled or insignificant. It really is an ugly feeling.

Maybe I wear my heart on my sleeve, but there comes a point where the "joking" isn't a joke anymore and it sure is not funny. Bitterness and jealousy are two of the ugliest emotions a person can have. Especially when that person picks one or two people in which to really cast those on.

Being the person that is picked sucks. I will never be able to change this, either. So I think the best way to handle the situation is through distance. Not all the time, but when I am really feeling that someone is doing their best to belittle me.

Being undermined, poked fun at and generally criticized can take a toll on someone's emotional health. Then, you add in the 'mama bear' in me - and I don't even have children! But someone decides to belittle or undermine the person/people I love most - and that is trouble. I will take it for a long time (obviously) but you start messing with my people, and I am DONE.

I especially have issues when someone makes it so obvious they are choosing who to undermine and belittle - and then so obviously chose another to use as their "shield" and excuse for doing so.  That, to me, is mean and spiteful. Despite what some may believe or chose to believe, I have a lot to offer sometimes. Just because I have yet to give you exactly what you have decided makes someone worthy or of value, doesn't mean I am NOT worthy and of value.

There is just no need to be so jealous, angry and bitter that the only way you can find your "happiness" is to make others be unhappy. Plain and simple. So I pray that I am never that person. I pray that I can always look past my struggles, insecurities and own jealousies and instead be the person that makes someone believe they are great.

I just see too much of this. Too many people surrounding themselves with others who make them feel small, ugly, unworthy. And I want to change this! So maybe I just need to start and look within myself. Don't get me wrong - I have a very awesome, EXTREMELY BLESSED, life. I am in awe of what Jesus is doing for me every. single. day. But I am also human - and I have moments where I just let others get the best of me. This is unhealthy behavior. So today, I am going to start changing that! Hopefully, if I start making a conscious effort to make others feel the greatness that they truly are, it will come back around!

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