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Friday, June 8, 2012

SUYL: Kitchens

Once again, I am joining in from Kelly's Korner SUYL. Today's focus is kitchens.

The room I hate the MOST about our house is the kitchen. It's a tiny little galley kitchen and there is no room. None. Zilch. In fact, we bought shelving systems at Target to put in our laundry room to hold a majority of the kitchen appliances, platters, serving pieces, ect that we don't use on a daily basis because there is NO storage.

When we remodeled, we did build a pantry and put in a dishwasher. That is all we did to the kitchen. I hate the cabinets and the counter-tops, but the money had to stop somewhere! We knew that what it would cost to update the kitchen was not a return we would get on this particular house. However, we do have all new appliances - which was necessary. The stove only had one working burner before.

This is the view of the kitchen looking from the dining area. We painted the walls a deep chocolate brown, replaced all the appliances, replaced the sheetrock, and replaced the flooring.

On the left, we added a pantry because there was NO storage. None. At all.

I do love the colors and warmth of the kitchen. I would LOVE to refinish the cabinets in a cream color, and put new counter-tops in. But it doesn't make sense if we are going to sell.

The stove was a gift from my wonderful parents. The fridge we bought new off someone whose home was foreclosing.

We got these piece of pottery for wedding gifts. I have them displayed on top of the bakers rack in the kitchen. I looooooove the bright, festive colors. In our next home, I want to be able to display lots of beautiful pottery and serving pieces on top of cabinets!

My favorite coffee mugs we got as wedding gifts. I display them on the baker's rack. They are so 1970s!

My "baking corner" with my kitchen aid (a graduation gift LOL), cookie jar and baking utensils.

So, there you have it. Our kitchen. There are lots of things I love, but they are the decorations and touches we added ourselves. I can't wait to have a kitchen where we BOTH can be in it at the same time! Ha!


  1. I love all your colorful dishes! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I used Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint on my top kitchen cabinets and it made a WORLD of difference!! It only took one can and the wax...less than $100 to do mine. You don't have to prime with her chalk paint...just paint away. Mine took 2 coats. My cabinets in my first house looked like yours in a super small kitchen and painting them white really made the kitchen look bigger. Looks like you've done lots of work and it looks really nice! My kitchen is small, too. I hope to get rid of my tiny island and just get one big one that fills the kitchen someday and we can eat at that. But, for now... Anyhow, I came from Kelly's Korner. You can see mine here: http://pumpkinpiepainter.blogspot.com/2012/06/final-step-in-my-kitchen-table.html