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Monday, June 18, 2012


We actually had a really nice Father's Day weekend!

Friday evening, I received a text from my adorable nephew that said "Hey Baba, I have a swim meet tomorrow in XXX. Do you think it would be cool if we stayed with you this weekend after the meet?" Of course, we couldn't say no. I had to laugh - Sam & Ella planned the entire thing, and got my go-ahead, before even telling my sister. So Saturday afternoon, they came to stay with us. They LOVE being at our house or my parent's (Poppy & Coy) because they can run free. They don't have to ask permission to go outside OR eat whatever they want.

Sunday morning, we got up and I made them breakfast and got everyone ready for church. Ella needed her hair straightened and wanted make-up on. She's a hoot. We went on to church, then afterwards came back to the house for them to change clothes. Then we headed over to Poppy & Coy's house where my Dad proceeded to cook enough southern cuisine for an ARMY! Yum!! Miste & Clay came down to pick the kids up and stayed to eat and hang out. I think that is the first time in YEARS we had all been together with my Dad on Father's Day. He was very excited and also loved his new lawn & leaf blower/vacuum/mulcher combo.

I posted this on my Dad's Facebook last night:

I had to laugh. We have a running joke in our family that Zach is the favorite, especially of my Mom's.

 I also sent this one to Jay:

Again. Had to laugh. And it is so, so true. I absolutely cannot wait to see him as a father. He is wonderful with children. I love to watch him interact with our nieces and nephew. He can get on their level in a way that I just can't. Not that he's childish. But he just relates SO well without making it seem like he is treating them like a kid. It's amazing to see the pure love in his eyes when he is with all of them. I get teary-eyed watching him admire Sophie, especially when she does something that is such a "Poley" trait. You can almost see his chest swell with pride when she acts just like him or her Daddy - which, poor child, is often :) So I can only imagine how he will be with our children. I know our day will come, and he will be the BEST Daddy ever.

Oreo also got in on the Father's Day action. He picked his Dad out a card with two dogs on the front, and asked me to order him a two year subscription to Food Network Magazine. He's such a genius dog. And so loving and generous. I mean, spending his entire allowance on his Dad.......

My Dad was the hardest worker around when I was young. While he wasn't home much, I knew he was working to provide for us. He instilled such a strong work ethic in me. I knew that nothing came easy OR free - and I still pride myself on that today. He was such a wonderful, strong man and still is.

I am also very grateful to my father-in-law, who has always treated me like his own. Even before I officially joined the family, he referred to me as his "other baby girl." I have never doubted his love for me or Justin. He is such a wonderful Papa to Sophie, and my heart smiles to think about how much he will love our children, and how much they will love him.

To all the Dads out there: Thank You! Thank you for your hard work and sacrifice to make your families proud. To all those who are Dads in a different way - step-dads, Uncles or brothers who have taken on the role: I admire your compassion and love. To all the Fur-Dads: your pets thank you, too!

I am so blessed to be surrounded by many men in my life who will be wonderful role models, examples, and pillars of love to my future children.

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