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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

30 Things... Day 22 - The Future

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

Let me start by saying - I don't really make "plans" that far into the future anymore. Life has taught me that they never pan out anyway! So I have goals and ambitions, but I am under no false sense of security that everything will turn out just the way I want it. Sometimes, God has better plans that you can't even fathom.

5 Year Plan

In five years, I hope to be more comfortable and established in my career. I hope that I can go home at night and not be convinced that I will lose my bar license at any moment. I would like to have more confidence in the courtroom and be more assertive with my clients and peers.

In five years, I hope, more than anything, to be a mom. Of many. At least three. I don't know that this will happen. But it's my hope.

In five years, I hope to be more in love with my husband. I hope to stop worrying about the little things and realize God is always, always in control. I hope that we have a little family that we are building together. 

10 Year Plan

In ten years, I hope to be in a different path career wise. I hope to be established on my own, or headed that way. 

In ten years, I hope to have a houseful of children ranging from pre-teen to toddler/baby running around like crazy. I hope that my husband and I are wonderful, Godly examples of love, humility and patience to our children and family.

I hope to be in a home that we love, that has enough privacy yet feels warm and cozy. I hope to no longer have student loans to pay every month! 

15 Year Plan

In fifteen years, I hope to be settled. Content. Happy. I hope that I have found my niche in the world. I hope that I have given back. I hope my children look up to me, value me, respect me.

In fifteen years, I will look at my husband and say "wow, and I thought I loved you then!"

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