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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Love Them Anyway

Source: flickr.com via Claire on Pinterest

This means so many things to me right now. So, so many. My heart is just hurting for various reasons.... And I have always been the type of person to internalize everyone else's feelings so that they become mine. To feel like I am a failure if the people I love, help, care for don't succeed.

I do not have a lot of words today. I just have been dwelling on this thought. All we can do, especially as Christ-Followers, is to LOVE one another. Not love with an agenda, love only if you follow my rules, love when you sin the way I sin and not any other way - but pure, simple, love.

When something tragic happens to anyone close to you, it gives you perspective. Hindsight is 20/20. It also sucks. But it also makes you step back and take a look at what you have. The bottom line is, I have the love of my life. As long as I have that, I don't care what else as far as "material" things go. I am so happy and blessed right where I am, that all those little things I think I need/want - don't matter.

It also reminds you who in your life really does care about you and your loved ones. Who takes the time just to check in, if nothing else. To offer condolences or help. My family now is surrounded by so much love, that it makes my heart swell for those who are at their deepest hour of need. They know, without a doubt, they are loved. It also reminds you who in your life is too caught up in something else, whatever it is, for whatever reason, to stop and think, "Oh hey, they might need me today." But to those, what can you do - but love anyway?

Be thankful and grateful for who you have. Every single person. Love them.

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