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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesdays

So I decided to give myself some blogging motivation and to also get over this little slump I'm in, I am going to blog something I have decided to call "Thoughtful Tuesdays." Where I find a inspiring, funny or appealing quote and post it, and talk a little about why it called out to me. I may do it every Tuesday or not. It's my blog :) I'm trying not to commit to as much, so we shall see.

So here we go.

Sometimes I kind of struggle with this. The whole "this is the thing I think everyone else wants/expects me to do" versus "this is what makes ME happy."

I know there are plenty of "things" we all have to do in life that aren't the most fun or pleasurable. That's life. Plain and simple. But the big "things" - shouldn't those be the ones that make us happy? The ones that we wake up and think, I can't wait to _____?

I tend to be a doormat sometimes. Take on everyone else's problems and issues and forget that it isn't always my responsibility.

I struggle with loving my job. There are SO many good qualities and benefits to it. But on the flip side, it is SO emotionally involved. And emotionally charged. And sad. So, so sad some days. So it is one of those things where, most of the time, it doesn't make me happy. But in so many ways, it is still worth it.

But, I think, in general - this advice is well warranted. It, whatever "it" is, is NOT worth it if you aren't happy. Maybe not happy constantly, but happy at least a majority of the time. I also feel like, when you try and try and try to be happy, but you can't - that isn't a good sign. Something needs to change.

Just my two cents. Chime in if you want. Is anything worth it if it doesn't make you happy?

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  1. If it doesnt make you happy you will always be looking for things to fill its spot. Spend all that time trying to fill the void when you could just change something and be happy. People like me though, hate change. So its hard. Hard to let go and be happy. It takes people out of their comfort zone. Sometimes you dont know how to be happy. Its a sad thing really. Bottom line, it is NOT worth it if it doesnt make you happy.