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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Accomplished. 30 Things: Day 16

What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?

graduating from undergraduate, graduate and law school in 7 years

Those were seriously the seven hardest years of my life. I went non-stop and was exhausted before it was all over with. But now, I have THREE awesome degrees and such a depth of knowledge and understanding that is what sets my apart in my chosen career. I worked my tail off. I went through summers, and got my MSW and JD AT THE SAME TIME. It was crazy. But I am proud, and I know it really is a huge accomplishment.

nurturing a loving marriage

I am by no means saying our marriage is perfect. What I will say is that I think in this day in age, being married to a loving and faithful companion in a relationship based off love, communication and respect, is a major accomplishment. I am very proud of the fact that my husband is my best friend, lover, biggest cheerleader, shoulder to lean on, and head of our household. While we haven't been married a year yet - we have been together in a committed relationship for a very long time. We have made it through some major trials, and lots of minor trials. And we have never turned away from each other :)

never losing my faith

 I have always had a deep-rooted faith in God. Even through the most trying of times, I have never lost that faith. I may get upset, and begin to ask the "whys" like any other human being. But - I am a sinner saved by His abundant grace, and for that, I am beyond proud.

working in a (very) difficult profession & keeping my passion

Not a lot of people can do this job. That's why I am one of only TWO in the entire state of Missouri that work through the grant that I receive, in the type of setting I work in. This job is extremely emotionally and mentally taxing. I am new, young, and sometimes confused - but, I chose this. Or rather, God chose this for me. So I listened.

passing the bar 

Those two months of studying for the bar were pure heck. I studied anywhere from 8-12 hours EVERY day, give or take maybe five days. I was petrified and convinced I had failed. I remember seeing the results pop up on the computer screen - I couldn't even read. Justin kept saying "you passed, you passed! There is your name!" and I was crying "I CAN'T READ MY NAME!!!" I eventually printed it off so I could see it on paper and make sure it was real. I was never so relieved!

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