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Monday, April 23, 2012


So today Guilana and Bill announced they are expecting through a gestational surrogate. I told Justin last night, when I heard they were going on the Today show, that I just KNEW that was their announcement. I started crying when I watched the clip. I love their show. Especially this past season. Honestly, it has brought back so many emotions, memories and fears. But, in a way I think it has been kind of a healthy release. Sometimes, you push back all those memories you are scared of because it is easier that way. But to watch it somewhat play out on television through other people - it allows you to feel it again but in a different way.

It also reminded me that through God, all things are possible. Here are two people who have done everything "right." Got married, followed the rules. Lived a super healthy and clean lifestyle (much more so than me!) and wanted to bring a baby into this world. They obviously have every resource available to raise a child, and it appears plenty of love and family support. But it didn't work out like they planned. It isn't quite fair, life. Sometimes it throws you a curve ball and you think "what the hell?!" But they still prevailed. Maybe not in the conventional way. Definitely not in a way that is easily available to us common folk. But they are getting their baby.

Maybe, just maybe, it is what I needed to see to know that all things work out in time.

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