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Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm Back!

What a week it has been!! We had an absolute BLAST at Disney World. I am forever grateful to my sweet BFF's parents for sharing their Disney points so that we could have this opportunity. It couldn't have come at a better time - or have been a better reminder of what a wonderful, blessed life we have.

On the agenda for this week - lots of catching up at work and at home. We need to get on the ball ASAP since we have decided to put our house on the market and will potentially be making an offer on another home soon. Fingers crossed! I am praying that if this is what we need, then God will make a way for us. If you know of anyone looking for a home, send them our way. We have put our heart and soul into making this house a home, so I know it will make another family a very nice place to live one day!

Also, I have decided to learn everything I can about fertility and getting pregnant. I need to know all the options and factors, so I have bought TWO books (of course) to read and study up on. Mainly, I want to make sure I am doing everything I can to provide a healthy habitat for a little Baby G or Baby M Poley to thrive in. (Yes, we already have names). I am changing my diet, taking a whole handful of various vitamins, changing my exercise routine, taking my tempature every day. It's kind of crazy BUT worth it to know I am doing everything possible that is in MY control. And praying - a lot!

Here is the book I read first, which is amazingly informational and one that I highly recommend to ANY female wanting to know more about reproduction and our bodies in general:

This has been a great help in figuring out how my body is working and responding, especially after stopping synthetic hormones. It also has a lot of great information about talking to your doctor and looking at fertility treatments, if and when necessary.

I just ordered this book, and am hoping it works. It talks a lot about diet and lifestyle changes. It should be here today, and I am excited to read it and make the suggested changes.

I am also tracking my basil body temperature and a few other body signs through a site called Ova Ova. It is really user friendly and helps keep track of all this information!

Here's hoping all this information works. =) I guess we shall see!

Also - I plan to blog about Easter and Disney in the next few days. We only have 600 pictures, give or take.

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