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Monday, April 2, 2012

Typical Day... 30 Things: Day 12

Describe a typical day in your current life.


 Alarm goes off at 6:30am. Roll over, groan, hit snooze. Alarm goes back off at 6:39am. Roll over, hit snooze again. Alarm goes off at 6:48am. Roll over, hit snooze again. Take basil body temperature and record. Alarm goes off one final time. Make myself get out of bed. Let Oreo out if Justin hasn't.

Stumble into bathroom, put in contacts, pee and brush teeth. All at the same time :) Stumble into shower. Try to take a quick shower since I am already running late. Get out, put on robe, do make-up and hair. Feed Oreo. Make some type of breakfast that I can bring to work with me. Get dressed. Running very late by now. Rush out the door and get fresh water for Oreo if Justin's hasn't.

Run into work. Make my coffee, check email, messages and snail mail. Start the crazy day. Some days I have court in the AM, so I will look over my files and make sure I have everything I need. Take lots of phone calls and work on paperwork, letters, discovery. Meet with clients. Head back to court in the afternoon some days. Try to get a lunch in there somewhere. Pray I get out of here by 5:00pm.

After work, I usually come home and pick up the house if I didn't get to do it on my lunch hour. Now that it is so nice, we will either go for a walk or work outside for a while. I'll cook supper most nights, then we will watch some TV. Sometimes we change things up and may read or go visit the parents, in-laws, or BIL/SIL and our precious Sophie.

We normally get into bed around 10:00pm or 11:00pm. Too late really. Which is why I hit the snooze button about 15 times in the morning!


Try to sleep in on Saturday. Usually I wake up before Justin, and then I roll over and pester him until he gets up, too. Some mornings I will get up and cook a big breakfast. Sometimes we are just lazy and will eat lunch later on. Most Saturdays we have something to do. We may go to Cape and shop/eat/hang out, or work in the yard or around the house. We almost always eat out at some point on Saturday. Although now that it is nice and we can grill, I have a feeling we will grill most Saturdays at some point!

Sundays we always get up around 9:30 and start getting ready for church, which starts at 11:00. And we are always late. After church, we usually swing by the grocery store for sundried tomato turkey :) We eat lunch, then usually take a nap! We are old (or maybe just wise) beyond our years. Sunday afternoons we usually just take it easy and hang out. Gotta rest up for the work week!

Since it is just Justin & I, we have a lot of flexibility. Oreo is old enough to stay by himself (hehe), so we can do whatever we want on a whim. We don't often make plans ahead of time, but just do what we get the urge to do. And though we both cannot wait for the moment God gives us a little baby, we are enjoying this time together while we can!

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