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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I have decided that I shall post about my favorite morning ritual: drinking my coffee. Now, if I could pull myself out of bed somewhat early, I could probably partake in this ritual even more so than I do. But that will not happen until I probably have a screaming child forcing me to get up.... And then I will probably roll over and make their Daddy get up instead. Or Oreo. I bet he'd be awesome at tending to a hungry infant....

Anyway, I have taken to enjoying one to two cups of delicious coffee when I get into work. This is thanks in part to an awesome Christmas gift from my parents - a Keurig! Seriously, the BEST invention in the world of coffee in a long, long time.

Source: keurig.com via Claire on Pinterest

This little baby makes me so much more pleasant in the mornings! It is nothing "fancy" in the world of Keurigs, but it does the job here in my office. Just the smell of the coffee is enough to make me happier! I have tried a LOT of different flavors of coffee. I bought some of the sample packs that have five different varieties so that I can taste them before committing. But I have found a couple of brands/flavors that I am sold on.
Source: keurig.com via Claire on Pinterest

I absolutely adore the Green Mountain variety pack. It has Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Caramel Vanilla Cream, and my all-time favorite, Wild Blueberry. SO yummy!!!

Source: keurig.com via Claire on Pinterest

This chocolate glazed donut is also a big favorite. It smells delish and has the faintest hint of chocolate and glaze. Perfection! Hope this inspires someone out there from my scant following to cross over into the dark side of Keurig. We are already saving to buy a "fancier" on for the house!

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