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Friday, March 23, 2012

If You're Happy and You Know It.... 30 Things... Day 5

What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?

1. My relationship with my husband!

I seriously fall more and more in love every single day. Not to say we don't have our days where, like last night, I completely freaked out on him over cooking supper. Not my greatest moment. But thankfully, after our little blow-up on each other, we sat down and really talked through what was going on. Which ended quite nicely ;-) I thank God every morning and every night that he is by my side. I want to spend every moment I can with him. Our relationship, while long, has been pretty stressful by most people's standards. We are almost always doing the long distance thing as adults. Now that we are together - I just am positively delighted.  We continue to grow together. I can honestly say I married my best friend.

2. Having a J-O-B, which finally makes us a two person income household. Praise JESUS!

I think this is fairly self-explanatory. But seriously, two people trying to survive on a one person teacher's salary, while one is in law school and traveling back and forth frequently, then studying for the BAR which leaves ZERO time for a job, was tough. We also had a lot of medical debt, and some credit card debt. BUT - due large in part to some serious financial planning and God's good grace (He who gives shall receive, right), we finally have ALL our debt paid off except our home, student loans (and mine are never going anywhere), and one medical bill. Biggest relief ever.

3. Oreo

This dog is like our child. And how could you look at that cute little face and think of anything but happy thoughts? Anytime we have been gone from the house, even for 10 minutes, as soon as he sees our vehicle he does this little reindeer like leap all around the house. Then he will run as fast as possible in circles the house at least three times in his excitement. He is spoiled. He likes to sleep on the couches, and LOVES to cuddle up. Even though he is way too big to be a lap dog :)

4. Our growing relationship together with our faith.

Justin and I have grown so much together in our faith. It's really amazing, honestly, to see what God has been doing in our lives. And how He works within us. We had a strong faith background always really, but it is really grown by leaps and bounds. I can't wait to see what is in store.

5. SPRING's arrival = beautiful flowers.

Who can't be happy about this? The weather (minus the redonk pollen count) is gorgeous. The sun is shining. My flowers are blooming. Happiness all around.

6. Friends + Family

The Original Secoy Clan

Our FAVORITE kids. Ever. Hands down.

Parents :)

Okay, so I cheated and added a 6th. But I just have to say - I am surrounded by people who love me.

With my Sam & Ella

See why I love this man?
My sweet Sophie.

All my "other moms"

Too fun.

Who couldn't be happy with people like these?!

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