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Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Update

We had a very nice weekend, despite the fact that Justin was feeling pretty sickly. Poor guy has a seriously terrible sinus infection that popped up overnight it seems!

On Saturday morning, we had a couples massage scheduled bright and early in Cape. We try to go once a month for both our sanity, and because it really helps Justin's back. Plus it is just something we can do the two of us for a little break from reality. Then we hit up the mall and Hobby Lobby, and Target. We got some super cute new things for the house, and an adorable bistro table and chairs for our patio area. We spend that afternoon cleaning off our patio, which had become a catch-all over the winter. Now it looks so springy! I can't wait to start working in our plants - we can actually afford to really spruce them up this year. Being employed is great :)

Sunday we went to church and then came home and Justin laid around. He just felt terrible. I tried to clean and disinfect our house. Because we live off a gravel road our house stays dusty - I can dust one day, and the next it looks like I haven't dusted in MONTHS. So I always worry that contributes to sinus/allergies we both suffer from. That's why we need to move ;-) Haha!

Anyway, today is the start of another work week. Hopefully this is a good week with a lot accomplished. I think it will be. Just have to look at the bright side of life!

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