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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Musings

I am so tired today! Doesn't help that I've got a lingering migraine hanging on. These headaches have got to GO. It is so miserable!

Nothing new going on here. Been a busy morning so far and I am sure it will be a busy afternoon. I am so thankful for this beautiful weather, however. It is gorgeous outside! Now, if I could manage to sneak away from work to enjoy it....

Thought of the day:

I am so guilty of this! For one, I am a very verbal person. So I tend to need to "talk" about whatever is bothering me and rationalize, plan, think through - all aloud. I am pretty sure I sometimes drive Justin crazy by rehashing the same issues over and over... 

 But I have been working lately on talking to God more. God knows the words I am thinking before they are even on my tongue (Psalm 139:4). How awesome is that! When I can't find the "right" way to pray - HE ALREADY KNOWS. I've been trying to take more quiet time to just meditate on my thoughts. To pray to my forgiving God and ask Jesus to shine His light on my path. And I tell you now, IT HAS BEEN WORKING. Whenever I start to feel anxious, scared, upset - I stop. I stop my brain from going ninety miles a minute and take a moment to be quiet. I give myself a chance to breathe, then I talk to God. I pray. I pray for calmness, understanding, peace. And just these last few days when I have REALLY been trying - God has listened. In fact, He has known before I even speak.... How great is that?

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